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Highest paying IT Jobs in India in 2021

With this evolving world of technology, career paths and their importance in this industry are also changing. Everyone wants to gain new skills and wants to be in higher positions to earn good capital through it. So if you are an IT professional or a fresher who wants to have a great IT career ahead so keep reading because in this article we have discussed the highest paying IT jobs in the IT industry. In this, you will get the list of these jobs, how to acquire them, and a description of the roles of these jobs.

1. Data Scientist

The Data is known as new oil in modern times and that’s why ,The Data scientist is the one of the highest paid job in the IT industry. In Fact, It is mentioned as the ‘Sexiest jobs in 21st century’ in one of the article of Harvard business review. From the year 2013 there has been around 23% hike in the demand of data scientists. The role of data scientist is to collect data from various sources, finding or ensuring its accuracy, and using various data models and algorithms to analyze that data.

Skills of a Data Scientist:

  • Machine Learning and Algorithms
  • Knowledge of programming languages like Python, R and SQL etc.
  • Experience in SAS and other analytical tools.
  • Should be good at problem solving and providing appropriate solutions.

The average salary of a Data scientist is around 150,000$. Which brings it to number one position in the list of highest paying it jobs in India in 2021.

2.IoT Solutions Architect

In this modern times, Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things are in trend. Which makes the IoT solution architect the second highest paying IT jobs in India in 2021. Internet of things has made our life easier by bringing the technologies like smart assistants, smart homes, smart cities, etc. So there are no shocks that IoT solution architect is one of the highest paying jobs in India.

Skills of a IOT Solutions Architect:

  • Knowledge of Hardware design and architecture.
  • Good programming skills.
  • Machine learning and AI.

The average salary of an IoT Solution architect is around  $133,000 per year.

3.Software Architect

A Software architect design and develop software systems and applications and act as a high-level decision-maker in the process of development to deployment of the software. As part of their role, they identify a customer’s requirements and perform hands-on work to develop prototypes to meet customers’ requirements.

Skills of a Software Architect:

  • Data modelling
  • An understanding of software architecture
  • Good programming skills
  • Strong analytical skills

The average salary of a Software architect is $114,000. In India, the demand for software architects is at an all-time high, and the salaries can range from 24 Lakhs to over 40 Lakhs Rupees annually.

4.Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers should have excellent programming skills and a thorough understanding of the technologies behind Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin as well as consensus methodologies and the security protocol stacks, crypto libraries, and functions. The worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach 15.9 billion by 2023, meaning there will be plenty of demand for blockchain experts across the globe.
The Blockchain Engineer uses blockchain technology for developing, implementing architecture and solutions.

Skills of a Software Architect:

  • Knowledge of Blockchain technologies.
  • Good programming skills
  • Communication skills
  • Cryptography.
  • Smart Contracts.

The average salary of a blockchain engineer is around $150,000./yr

5.Dev-Ops Developer

The DevOps engineer refers to someone who is taking part in both the development and deployment and network operations. The skills of a DevOps engineer include Coding and Scripting knowledge, Understanding of Deployment, and network operations. and they should also be familiar with DevOps tools like Git and Jenkins and Knowledge of Operating systems like Linux and Unix, etc.

Skills of a Dev-Ops Developer:

  • DevOps tools like Git, Kubernetes, AWS, and Jenkins, etc.
  • Coding and Scripting knowledge in languages like PHP, Python and JSON/JavaScript, etc.
  • Source Code Management.
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Containerization.

6.Cloud Architect

The next in the list of highest paying IT jobs in India is Cloud Architects. The responsibilities of a cloud architect are developing cloud architecture, developing a cloud strategy, and coordinating the implementation and deployment of it. They also take care of application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment are done properly. 

Skills of a Cloud Architect:

  • Understanding of cloud application architecture.
  • Knowledge of Amazon web services, Tensor flow, Azure, and Google cloud platform, etc.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Should be good at Programming.

7. Big Data engineer

The number of internet users is swiftly increasing which is causing the creation of over 2.3 quintillion bytes of data each day.
To gain insights and harness from such a huge amount of data more than 95 percent of organizations are investing in Big data and AI. Which makes it next on the list of highest-paying IT jobs in India. The role of a Big Data Architect is to plan, design, and manage the entire life cycle of large scale developments and deployments of various projects.

Skills of a Big Data engineer :

  • Knowledge of Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL, as well as data warehousing technologies .
  • Programming skills.
  • Good communication skills .
  • Excellent visualization skills.

The average salary of Big Data Engineer is $140,000.

8. Full-stack Developer

There are over 23 million developers in the world and it would reach up to 27.7 million by the end of 2023. Definitely which makes it one of the highest paying IT jobs in India. It is difficult to convey a definition for a full stack developer, but we can say someone who is well versed in front end development as well as back end development. Or someone who can take the responsibility for the product from concept to end product.

Skills of a Full stack developer :

  • Fundamentals of web development.
  • Basics of database technologies like SQL and MongoDB etc.
  • Technologies such as MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js and ReactJS, etc.

The average salary of a Full stack developer can be nearly around $106,000 yearly.

9.AI(Artificial Intelligence) Architect

The Role of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) architect is to develop, manages, and oversees AI initiatives within an organization. An AI Architect should be good at mathematics and statics. The AI architect is like the chief data scientist who plans the implementation of solutions, choosing the right technologies, and evaluating the evolution of the architectures.

Skills of an Artificial Intelligence Architect:

  • Knowledge of mathematics and statics.
  • Programming languages like R, python, and torch, etc.
  • Understanding of how Tensor Flow, AWS, and other similar technologies work.
  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning.

An AI architect earns over $110,000 in year.

10. Product Manager

So the Product manager is the last job in the list of highest paying IT jobs in India. You would have definitely heard about this one – becoming a product manager. The Role of a product manager is to determine parameters around the product and the engineering team builds, then leads the development of that product from conception to launch. They are responsible for delivering an operating plan that can help achieve strategic and tactical goals and objectives, building a product portfolio, managing and implementing marketing activities, and contributing to the product strategy and its vision.

Skills of a Product Manager:

  • Understanding of the concept of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Product management tools like PivotalTracker, JIRA, and Asana
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Time management skills.
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