How to earn money in Share market without investment

How To Earn Money In Share Market Without Investment

When someone talks about earn money in share market without investment, It seems like a joke but it is not. Yes, you can earn money in the share market without investing money but for this one should right skills and knowledge about share market. Some people have money but they fear to trade or invest in the share market but on the other side some have no money but they have knowledge about it. So in this article, we are going to give you a proper guide on how to earn money in share market without investment.

With the investment, there are many options by which you can make money through it like long term investment, intraday and swing trade, etc. But do we have any way to do it without investment? Let’s explore some of the possible ways of doing it.

1.Recommend stock broking services

Recommend stock Broking services:earn money in share market without investment

It’s the first way by which you can earn money in share market without investment which is Recommending stockbrokers to people. It can be a good way to generate passive income with your skills and knowledge of share market. There are many stockbrokers in the market like Zerodha, upstox and groww etc. offer a partnership and referral program in which they provide you commission on every trader joins their program from your referral and also a lifetime percentage in the brokerage of them. So if you have good communication skills and knowledge of share market you can recommend people near you and convenience them to use the stockbroking service of your partner broker. You can also share your knowledge on your social media platforms to attract more audience. Or you can create a youtube channel or blog to get more referral by providing suggesting them brokerage services.

2.Become a Consultant

Becoming a Consultant is one of the best way earning money through share market. If you have good knowledge and experience of how market works, where to invest and how to invest . Then you can generate passive income by providing consultancy to others.

Become a Consultant: earn money in share market without investment

For that you will have to make yourself a brand, Because personal branding plays very important role because the more people will know about you, the more you will be getting paid.  Organise online events and seminars, make online courses and programe people will enroll the courses/program by paying your fee. I suggest this because in this way you don’t have to invest a single rupee, interested people will pay and enroll your program (online or offline).

3.Manage account’s of others

You can manage other’s account by registering yourself as a partner or associate with stock broker. When you become associate person then you should have necessary authorization to trades on behalf of clients from their accounts. 

Manage accounts of others : earn money in share market without investment

This is a nice way to convert your trading and investment skills into money by trading for your client and charging fee or percentage of amount from their profit.

4.Become stock broker or sub-broker

People either earn or lose money but broker always make money that’s best part about being a broker or sub-broker. If you are broker or sub-broker then you don’t have to worry about bull or bear market because you will always get your commission when people buy and sell their shares. 

You must be financially capable to become stock broker, if you have enough money then you can proceed with registering youself as a Stock Exchange with a Registration ID. You can share this Registered ID with your clients and start trading.
To become sub-broker, you will have to get registered under exchange as a partner with brokerage company. As a sub-broker you get commission as a percentage of profit by supporting the trading activities of clients.



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