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Top 5 Code Editors that you should use in 2020.

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This pandemic brings everything to only Online platforms. And Programming has become so vital that everyone started learning code or programming language. Usually, we found that Instructor/Teachers Code Editors look amazing where the IDE and editors we use are limited to some extent you can’t do theme customization, snippets, and many more.

Role of Editors at your Work.

A perfect code editor plays an immersive role in your coding life. Everyone has a different workflow based on their number of file handling in a single project or many other languages. So, an ideal editor should increase the productivity environment around and positivity impression. It should support different Extensions or External packages that ultimately boost the code writing speed and detect bugs efficiently. A collection of different extension is also available for doing work with little efferts.

Some Editor comes with debugging feature and code formatting that make code more beautiful. 

What features code editor should have?

Every editor is unique and bizarre features embedded in it. But that might not be necessary for a coder, So here is a list of features that you can examine while choosing a perfect editor.

  1. It should be fast and flexible.
  2. It should supports extensions.
  3. Support customization.
  4. Friendly Interface.
  5. Debugger and Code Formatter.
  6. Intelligent code completion
  7. Snippets
  8. Support a large number of Technologies/Languages.

Much more necessary features are out there, but they are technology-specific for programmers like Web Developers require additional function for Fast Reloading, better File management, and welcoming for new technologies and file types.

Most of the features are available in the editor mentioned below in rising order. Further, you come to know about them.

Top Code Editors that you should use in 2020.

So, here is a list of Best Code Editor that you should use in 2020.

This list has the best editor with lots of features according to need with unlimited customization.


VS Code or Visual Studio Code comes at 1st position in your list.

It has every feature mentioned above. It is an open-source editor introduced by Microsoft. Available for all platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has n number of themes available for customization. You can design your Theme too by following the instruction in the documentation.

All the technologies support the Visual Studio Code. 

It includes a built-in terminal, GIT support, debugger, intelligent code completion, and excellent file sorting and managing system. It auto-completes parameters and other similar blocks of code.

However, With such mindblowing features, it becomes bulky and slows down the system a little bit. It takes more time to launch compared to other editors.


Sublime is the lightest and most loving editor over the globe. It has a simple interface and well packed with admirable features. Sublime is a cross-platform and developed by Sublime HQ.

 It is open-source software but has Licensing too that priced at $80. It is super light that runs smoothly even at a low specs system. Customization and package ecosystem of sublime is easy with the help of package control that has a tremendous number of choices.

A wide range of options is accessible for appearance, text color, and layout customization. Some things with this software are super surprising and feel better than other ones.

Sublime Text is best for some specific language. But in terms of the latest technologies, it sucks. seldom its Text-color feature didn’t work the way it should. Because of this comes to 2nd position on our list of Best Editors in 2020.

You can consider this for the best UI and smooth experiences.


Here the Github’s editor comes, with all the open-source functionality. Perfectly bundled with a minimal interface and complex characteristics.

It allows unlimited customization by packages that are open source or code your own and publish for everyone. But still, it comes with a bunch of different dark and light syntax color themes pre-installed. Also, a cross-platform software that can launch on any OS.

It is a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js integrated runs on Electron, a framework for building the cross-platform app using web technologies.

It feels smooth but bulky to the system and could handle multiple directories but has less as compared to other editors like debugger and terminal. Atom is one of the best editors for GitHub guy for running git command while coding.


Brackets is specially designed for web developers by Adobe in the race of open source editors. Its performance is similar to Atom and Sublime Text. It again was written in a similar type of tech stack that is HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, and other Adobe tools. Available at Github for open-source developers to make it better.

Special features like Live Preview, SCSS preprocessor, Inline Editors that are not available at Atom or Github. But those features achieved with some external packages but inbuilt features found more efficient and fast. Supports plugins like package control for customizations.

It is primary for someone with no Frameworks and Libraries that is a clean Web Designing stack. Scores 4th position in our Editors list.

Notepad++ Text and Code Editor

You can call Notepad++ has a replacement of Notepad that is a kind of text editor thing. It is open-source available only on the Windows platform. Notepad++ is an eco-friendly text editor that reduces the carbon percentage by using less CPU that reduces power consumption. 

C++ is the only programming language used to build Notepad++. It has all the fundamental features that a code editor should offer. It supports a few languages that have a white theme combined with colored syntax. Multiple files can be handled but do not have a proper Directory section for root details of the project.

Size of the whole software even small than 5MB. A perfect choice for a beginner with entry-level specs.

Hope you can find the best one for you after reading. Before leaving drop a comment which is your favorite code editor.  Read more




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