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Best ways to improve your programming skills

Either you are a newbie or a professional in programming. You are always in quest of new ways to enhancing your skills. That’s why in this article we have shared the best ways to improve your programming skills which will surely help you to do so.

1.Coding,Coding and Coding

I have chosen this to be the first way to improve your programming skills because it is the most difficult and central piece of it. By practicing code daily you realize your mistakes in designing, error handling, and threading. Do not stop just after solving the problem, it’s not always better to stick to your first solution, which is just found by using brute force, your next solution should be more optimized and well structured. Participate in coding challenges that are regularly taking place on various platforms like code forces, CodeChef and Geeksforgeeks, etc.

2.Go and Read books

Almost every newbie coder ignores books in favor of online tutorials. But the fundamentals hardly ever change, the coding books will help you to learn into a level of detail where online tutorials can be only a dream of. Here is the list of some of the best coding books which will help you to improve your programming skills.

  • Clean code
  • Code complete
  • A beginner guide to C
  • a smarter way to learn JavaScript

3.Listen to a podcast

Learning through listening can be an effective and enjoyable process. Listening to a coding related podcast can be helpful for you to get updated by the trends and will also help you learn new techniques. Podcasts will also help you to learn through the mistakes of various experienced programmers. Here is the list of some podcast which you should listen to as a programmer.

4.Follow coders on social media

If you like someone’s site or app and you know the responsible person for it then you should follow them on social media. Because it will help you to join the solid networks of coding professionals which will be useful for you when you need help. Like on Instagram there are various accounts that regularly post related to programming and also on LinkedIn there are so many experienced programmers who share their learnings.

5.Contribute to Open-source /GitHub

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are when you contribute to an open-source. Every time you gonna be learning something new through this process. Whether that’s from observing someone else’s code or getting feedback on your own. It will be a brilliant learning source and a huge confidence builder for you.

6. Work on real projects

The next way of improving your programming skill is to work on real projects but here the question arises that where you will get the real-time projects. So for landing some real-time projects you will have to start pitching to various local businesses and companies. Or start sending cold emails and freelancing proposals to local agencies. You can also get work through posting gigs on freelancing platforms as we have mentioned above.

7.Practicing Data Structure, Algorithms, and Design related problems

This is the most critical of things to do for becoming a good programmer in my opinion. Because most of the good programmers that I have met or I know till now are well versed in the data structure, algorithms, and Computer science. There are various advantages of learning data structures and algorithms. Because the data structure is a key piece of any programming language it makes you good at problem-solving.

If you want to learn Data structure and Algorithms you can use Geeksforgeeks and Javatpoint.

8.Talking to a fellow programmer

Discussing your problems or new learnings with your fellow programmers can be the best way to improve your skills in programming. Like if you are solving a problem in a group with your fellow programmers then it will improve your thought process because everyone in the group will come with a unique perspective of solving that problem.

9.Reading Code

If reading blogs can help you improve your programming skills then obviously reading code will help you more than that. But the thing is that reading blog is easy as compared to code. Still, you should start reading the code of open source projects, Fellow programmers, and there is a various website where you can read the code and you should also read your own code in order to improve your programming skills.

10.Playing Coding Games

I have included this way of improving programming skills because if you follow these ways like reading, listening, and watching tutorials soon you will start losing interest in that. That’s why adding some fun into this process here is the last and most interesting way which will help to improve your programming skill is playing coding games.

Here are some of my favourite coding games:

11. Share what you learn or create

It can be a very helpful way for beginner programmers to improve their programming skills and learn new things. Sharing your learning or work with others will help you improve and correct the mistakes that you will be doing in the code.

Here are some ideas for sharing what you do:

  • Start your own blog
  • Join a community on Discord
  • Ask for feedback on StackOverflow
  •  Tweet your progress every day with the #100DaysOfCode hashtag

Aman Malviyahttp://www.theinfogeeks.com
I am an Engineering student, Blogger, and Full-stack web developer.

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Best ways to improve your programming skills

Either you are a newbie or a professional in programming. You are always in quest of new ways to enhancing your skills....