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Top free Course to Learn React

React Courses
Top 7 free Courses to Learn React

What is React?

React is a javascript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. Over the past few years, React is getting more popular than any other Framework or Library. So, here is the journey of React from unknown to most popular.

Initially, React was introduced by Jordan Walke, a Software Engineer at Facebook. Later Facebook developed it further and deployed it on Facebook’s newsfeed and Instagram in 2011 and 2012, respectively. React was adopted because of most of the Developer Communities. Because of its reusable UI components, and it is ultra-fast at large web pages. ReactJS is an open-source library, and one of the trending libraries has more than 152,000 stars. You can visit the React repo to contribute anytime.

Main Feature of React.

  1. Reuseable Components –  React allows the reusing of components that saves time. Designers create Components like form, brand logo again and again. React deletes that repeating job completely. But it can be painful to bring change in a particular. But Updates can be the easiest part. You can update all the reused components at once without disturbing others.
  2. React Virtual DOMs –  A regular DOM(Data Object Model) tree gets updated every time there is a change in elements. A DOM tree has thousands of Elements in this era. The process of updating the DOM affects Web Application. But React manages a virtual DOM of itself that increases the updating process. It updates even minute changes by the user without affecting the other parts of the interface.
  3. Data Binding- React uses downward data binding that prevents changes in the parent element if the child element got changed. Because of this, the code becomes more stable. But on the other hand, the JS-representation view model has a disadvantage of changing the parent element if the child got changed.
  4. React Hooks-  React has two types of components that are: Functional and Class-Based. Only class components support local state or have to use state management frameworks like Redux for global state. In February 2019, React developers introduced a new feature called React Hooks.

List of Free Courses

Here is a list of courses to learn to React. All of these are free of cost but still have more value than many paid Courses. These courses not like 50-60 hrs courses with tons of projects in them. This list of courses is great to get an overview of React Environment. After going through a few of these courses, you will have enough knowledge to create your Projects in React.

Official Documentation

Learning Libraries or Frameworks from the documentation is the best way to understand the concepts from the developer side of the Library. React has a well maintain documentation about its terminology and working. It has a clear code editor sidewise to try out the concept. Whenever you are stuck on a big project must check out the documentation to render out the problem.

The Beginner’s Guide to React – Egghead.io

If you want to get an overview of React without touching the keyboard, then you should go through this course. This course will build a solid foundation of basic concepts in React. Each lesson in this 28-part course is a single index.html file. This thing keeps your focus on React instead of managing directories. You will also learn how to move into a more productive-ready development environment and deploying your app to Netlify.

Learn React for free – Scrimba.com

This course is the perfect starting point for any React beginner. The instructor, Bob Ziroll has covered key features of React in 58 lectures. This course has a different approach to practical implementation by editing the directory to the instructor’s code. You will learn JSX all the way up to React Hook that is a new concept in React. In the end, you come up with two simple but Amazing apps to React. Make sure to check this out.

React Crash Course – Programming with mosh

Youtube is the best way to learn without spending a penny. Programming with Mosh is a well-known instructor on the youtube Community. He has a 2hrs long crash course on React that covers the basics of React. It can be another video to learn about how React works in less amount of time. This course well explains the jaguars of React Environment. Check it out for understanding it.

React.js Tutorial – LearnCode.Academy

There is a React Rapid Course by LearnCode.Academy. A complete series of 23 videos explaining React, React Flux, Redux, and MobX. This series is a power back for those who want to deep dive to React in a little time. Make sure to check it out for building modern applications using React. The instructor also talked about how to avoid memory leaks and how to handle async requests.

Learn React & Redux With Cabin 

This course is a series of 7 tutorials covering a social network app using React and Redux. You come up with a nice functional social network app after going through this course. This course offers production-level features. It will cover integration with mgIX, Keen Analytics, Mapbox, Algolia Search, and how to host it on DigitalOcean. The last section of this course includes React and Redux best practices with common React/Redux pitfalls that no React Course offered at free.

Full React Couse 2020 – FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is one of the leading programming community that offers free courses and certification. FreeCodeCamp has 10 hours long course on ReactCourse hosted on Youtube. This course covers Setup, basics of React, react hooks, context API, React Router, and an App on Netlify. Must check out this course.

React Projects

If you know React.Js and want to do projects to sharpen your skills of building Interactive UI. Then must check out this list.

  1. Code 15 React Projects
  2. Build a Full-Stack Amazon Clone 
  3. Build a Spotify Clone with React
  4. eCommerce Web Shop 

You can learn to react from any of the above courses, But for Learning React integration with other technologies like MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js go through any one of these projects.

What is MERN Stack? Everything about MERN Stack.

What is MERN Stack?

When we develop an application it is always important for us to get good results, and we need to find the most optimal way to achieve the results. Because the efficiency of application depends upon many factors that’s why selecting a technology stack is the most important factor. So Before moving to know about ‘What is MERN Stack?’ let’s discuss in short what is a technology stack.

What is Technology Stack?

It is a set of frameworks and tools used to develop an application. This set of frameworks and tools are specifically chosen to work together in creating well-functioning software.

Here are some widely used web development technology stacks:

  • MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS)
  • MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS)
  • LAMP ( Apache, Linux, MySQL, PHP)

Lets discuss in brief about What is MERN Stack?

What is MERN Stack?

MERN stack is a set of web development frameworks. It consists of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS as its components. It supports MVC(Model View and Controller ) architecture for the smooth development process of any application. It allows developers to know only Javascript and JSON(Javascript Object Notation) for development. Has an extensive set of testing tools and broad open-source community support. Here are the introduction and working of what each of these components is used for in developing a web application when using the MERN stack.

As shown in the picture, the user firstly interacts with the ReactJS user interface components at the application front-end in the browser. This frontend is served by the application backend server through ExpressJS running on NodeJS. Any interaction or data change request is sent to the NodeJS based Express server, which gets data from the MongoDB database if required, and returns the data to the frontend of the application which is shown to the user. Let’s look in brief at these MERN Stack Components.

1.MongoDB :

MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database system. While other conventional relational databases have a typical schema design based upon columns and tables, But MongoDB is schema-less. In this MongoDB data is stored in flexible documents with a JSON based query language. The content, size, and number of fields in the documents can differ from one to another. This means that the data structure to be changed over time. MongoDB is known for its flexibility and easy to scale specialty. You can see multiple examples and real-time applications of this here.

2.ExpressJs :

It is a web application framework for NodeJs, It helps developers to simplify the task of writing server code instead of writing full server code by hand on NodeJS. In Express js you don’t need to repeat the same code again and again as would have with Node.js HTTP Module. It designed for building robust web applications and APIs. It’s known for its fast speed and minimalist structure, with many features available as plugins.

3.ReactJs :

ReactJs was developed by the Software engineer at Facebook but now it is open-sourced. But It is maintained by Facebook as well as Community of Development companies and various individual developers. It can be used for creating views rendered in HTML. React views are narrative. This means while working with React developers don’t need to worry about the managing effects of changes in data. Instead of using templates to automate the creation of repetitive HTML or DOM elements, It uses full flashed programming to construct repetitive DOM elements which is Javascript. The code written in React can run both the server and the browser. It is also a very fast and scalable framework.

React is the defining feature of the stack. It’s is that component of MERN Stack that differs it from MEAN Stack. The MEAN stack is another very popular technology stack that uses AngularJS(A front end web application framework) instead of ReactJs.

Want to know more about MEAN Stack (Click here <)

4. NodeJs :

NodeJs was developed for Google Chrome but later on, it was open-sourced by Google in the Year 2008. Its runtime built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient. You can build scalable network applications that can execute Javascript code outside of a browser. It works without an enclosing HTML page because it works on its own module system based CommonJS to put multiple javascript files together.

Benefits of working with MERN Stack :

The main Benefit for developers working with the MERN stack is that every line of code is written in JavaScript. Javascript used everywhere, both for client-side code and server-side code it. With one language across tiers, there’s no need for context switching. For a tech stack with multiple programming languages, While working we have to figure out how to interface them together. With the JavaScript stack, We only need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON. Overall, using the MERN stack enables us to build highly efficient and scalable web applications.

The MERN stack uses the famous React.js Framework for the Front end Development, which is fantastic for front end development. We can’t compare it but mention a few big names that uses React.js for its unrivaled performance: Facebook, Airbnb, Atlassian, Tesla, Dropbox, etc.

React.js is based on the single-page application (SPA) which involves having a web application accessed from a single web page. This avoids loading a new page with each action like Facebook and Instagram etc. and makes for a greatly streamlined user experience. Facebook uses a single page application, which can be clearly felt in the comfort and effortlessness in excessing it.

Prerequisite to learn MERN stack :

  • Should be Comfortable with JavaScript and JSON.
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML/CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of React & React hooks is recommended.
  • Basic knowledge of MongoDB, Express, and Nodejs is recommended.(You can prefer their Documentation to learn basic)

Where to Learn MERN Stack for Free :

There are various platforms where you can learn anything for free if you want to know more about them > Click here. Or If you want to learn through tutorials so you can check some of the Youtube channels like Freecodecamp.org, Clever Programmer, Programming with mosh, Telusko, etc.

What is Web Designing and Development

What is web designing and development
What is web designing, development and full stack.

What is Web Designing?

Web Designing is the process of creating the design of the overall website interface. How will it look, feel, alignment of text, images, components, and colors?

Web Designers works on all the creative part of the whole website. It is the composition of the different process which combines to build a fully functional website. It includes graphic design, user interface design, user experience design, SEO (search engine optimization), and content that tell the user about the website. The process starts with converting your ideas into visuals, i.e., called mockups. It describes the future look of the website. Then graphic designers choose colors, typography, and design vectors and images, according to the project.

Then the duty of web developer begins about that mentioned below. A user experience developer (UX developer) make the website user-friendly. A UX developer has both the designing and technical skills that provide the best user experience. It makes the website more attractive to get regular visits.

What is Web Development?  

Web Development is converting the mockup into a live website by using programming languages and software. A web developer decides the frameworks, databases, ports, functionality, and brings life to the static mockup. Web Development is divided into two sub-categories:

  1. Front-end Developer
  2. Back-end Developer

As the word ‘front’ describes, designing of front view or user interaction is the work of a front-end developer. He uses styling preprocessors, frameworks, libraries based on HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style sheets), and JS(Javascript) to provide a similar look as the mockup.

No front-end developer has a single skill. He/She works as a communicator for a web designer and back-end developer. The front-end developer also makes user-friendly layouts as the interaction between the Back-end of the website. Back-end developers are those who control the user data from any text field or button to the server.

Dynamic websites require Back-end services to store the data and for fetching the requested data by the user. For instant loading and form submission, server-side languages are used, such as PHP and Node.js, and for database queries, SQL(Structured Query Language) and MongoDB are used. 

Who is a full-stack developer

A full-stack developer handles both the jobs of web designer and developer. Full-stack developers have basic knowledge about every process mentioned above. 

A full-stack developer can make a website from scratch. It means designing the mockup, creating a color palette and vectors, setting up libraries and frameworks, and linking it with the back-end. He is not a master in any field but has enough knowledge to make a website. In this way, You can differentiate between a developer and a full-stack.

But Companies hire full-stack developers to fill-up both the places of web designer and developer.

Many companies have their web-stacks, which is a combination of different techniques such as MERN.

Which stands for MySQL, Express.Js, React, and Node.js.

Roadmap to the full-stack developer?

The web industry is evolving every second. Every day new frameworks and libraries are coming. So, The value of a specific skill is decreasing. To compete, Either you have to an expert in a particular skill or a full-stack developer. These are the reasons which increase to be a full-stack instead of a designer or developer. You can also start your journey with web designing or development. You have to understand the terminologies and building blocks of the website. Full-stack development requires all the front-end knowledge as well as back-end knowledge. Companies always look for more skills that can also help in other aspects.

This roadmap is also applicable for web designing and web development.

First Need to Learn web designing that includes

Web Designing

  1.  Fundamentals of Designing
  2. Adobe Xd or Figma
  3. Mockup Designing
  4. Typography and colors
  5. Alignment of components 

After getting hands-on with the structure of website designing, you should follow front-end development.

Front-end Development

  1. Internet (HTTS, Hosting, Domain, DNS)
  2. HTML, CSS and Javascript
  3. Package manager, Webpack, Babel
  4. Basics of Git 
  5. Framework or Library(React or Angular)
  6. CSS Frameworks(Tailwind CSS, Material UI)

It includes most of the scripting part and layouts that can function but can’t store or fetch data. To get server and database functionality, you have to master the back-end development.

Back-end Development

  1. Basics of Web Designing(HTML, CSS, and Javascript)
  2. OS and General knowledge of Memory
  3. Learn a Language(Python, Java, Ruby, c#)
  4. Relational Database Management System (MYSQL)
  5. NoSQL Database (MongoDB)
  6. APIs

All these take a long time to learn and a lot more money to but courses and support by the instructor to clear doubts. There are free sources also available to learn and free community to discuss and share projects.

Check it out for mindmap of frontend and backend developer

 Salary and Job Options of WebDesigner v/s WebDeveloper v/s a Full Stack Developer.

There is some factor which affects the salary of Web Engineers in India.

  • Experience – Experience is the most significant factor on which a web designer/developer depends. More experience improves, Your ability to solve problems and bugs. Companies pay more to an experienced developer than a fresher.
  • Company –   Your salary is dependent on the company in which you are working.
  • Skills –The companies offer more amount to the developers with other skills

Web Designing has no bright in terms of packages in India. The average salary of a web engineer varies from location to location. IT cities of India pay more to web designers as compare to other cities.

Here is a chart which shows the salary of web designer developer and full-stack developer.

The overall salary of a full stack developer is much higher than the other two. Because of different skills. If need, He can fulfill the job of web designer and developer. More skills increase the understanding between other developers to get the job done in a better way.

Scope in 2021

As the Video content increasing, the minimum attention time of the average person is decreasing.It might be a doubt in your head that” Is web development a promising career in 2021?”. Video content has killed written content. But still, businesses, banks, colleges, and others require a website for official work. Every day new trends come in graphic designing, UI Designing, and new layouts in web designing. It all affects the web designing process. These trends bring back to written content and engagement to the audience.

If you choose web development as a carrier, then be updated with the latest tech and trends; this brings more value to work and help you to get a better job option than old school developers.

Note: If you are confused with the coder editor and plugins, check it out and get all your doubts cleared.

Top Books to read for Interview Preparation.

books you should read for coding interview
Best books to crack coding interview

InfoGeeks Here,

It is the dream of every Computer Science student to crack a job in a big company. But It is hard very hard to crack coding interviews. Most tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft want perfection and in-depth knowledge of programming concepts. Some MNCs(Multinational Companies) work on a specific branch of Computer Science that focuses on particular subjects and ask questions around that. So, It is a must to have all the necessary knowledge about the concept describe to interviewers.

To deal with these difficulties, students prefer online courses or free platform to learn code. But usually, Courses are practical Instructor does not teach enough theory to answer interview questions. To study all the subjects in a limited time, I have divided this article into four sections according to Subject and Books.

  1. Operation System(OS)
  2. Database Management System(DBMS)
  3. Compiler
  4. Computer Networks
  5. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  6. Data Structure and Algorithms
  7. Interview Perspective

Operating System(OS)

OS or Operating System is one of the most important subjects that students can’t skip while preparing for the interview. The interviewer asks for different processes and differences between questions that cover most of the theory part. In Academic overview of Operating systems is taught, but that is not enough for a technical Interview.

Operating System Principles –Peter Baer Galvin

Operating System Principles covers every topic of Operation System in detail. You can read up to five parts cover most of the questions asked in a coding interview. If you are not able to read the whole book, then you can read up to 5 sub-points of each chapter that covers the topic.

Database Management System(DBMS)

Database Management System also comes under important topics for interview Purpose. Many companies ask questions about SQL(MYSQL), NoSQL(MongoDB), and more about Database Design, and Data Storage, and Querying. that you learn from the book Database System Concepts by Henry F. Korth.

Database System Concepts Henry F. Korth

This book presents the fundamental concepts of database management by covering the main theoretical results, proofs, figures, and examples are used to verify its results. It is a long book, So from an interview point of view. You can go for an outline of every chapter or can make a list of topics to read before starting. This edition also provides a revised coverage of SQL, with greater attention to variants of SQL in systems and SQL features.

This edition contains a new running example of a university database, which make it easy to understand. This book has a massive amount of knowledge that is more than enough for an Interview. So, you can skip some topics.


Only some company asks questions about the compiler. Basically, the compiler plays the role of the transformer that helps to contact the computer with the end-user. To learn the Compiler, There is a famous book called” Red Dragon Book.”

Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools -Jeffery D. Ullman

Compiler principle is the famous book for compiler design that talks about some key concepts in compiler design. In the first chapter of this book writer introduced all the topics and then elaborated on all of them in further chapters. The team of writers covered topics Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis, and many more fundamentals of the compiler.

Computer Networks

Companies do not ask too many questions about Networking. All the topics of Networking are The OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Network typologies, Internet Protocol v4 and v6, Media Access Control and Address Resolution Protocols, witches, wireless access points, routers, modems, Firewalls, TCP ports, UDP ports. You can prefer the below book to master all of them.

Data Communications and Networking -Behrouz Forouzan

This book is of the best book consists of everything about Networks. It has 31 Chapters and A-H Appendix. Again this book has a lot more stuff to read. But if you require, you can skip through the Chapters. Rather than Interview purpose, this book is useful for various Engineering courses in communication.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Most of the language supports OPP that describes its importance and necessity. Additional questions based on your project or program hierarchy are asked, During the interview. It is one of the easy subjects among all of them. To Master Object-Oriented Programming, There are many books out there. But my suggestion is to complete it from any online website like GeeksforGeeks or TutorialsPoint. If you want a book, then you should go for 

Object-Oriented Programming with C++ -E. Balagurusamy 

This book focuses on knowledge in the area of object-oriented programming with C++ as implementation. The Author has explained all the critical concepts of OOP in simple language for a better understanding of the reader. The same technique has been implemented in solved examples using the C++ programming language. The topics on Polymorphism, Encapsulation are expanded for better understanding.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structure and Algorithms(DSA) is the gist of the Coding Interview. That covers most of the portion of Technical Interviews and Coding Rounds. Only with practical implementation, it is not possible to crack a coding interview. Interviewers ask too many questions on theoretical topics of Algorithms and sometimes ask to write down the Algorithms of any particular concept. To master the theory of Data Structure and Algorithm, You should choose among these books:

For Algorithms:

 Introduction to Algorithms  – Thomas H. Cormen

Introductions to Algorithms is the most popular book for Algorithms. It is a very long book covering every minute topic. This book does not found practical in some cases. For detailed studies, You should go with this one. That may found to be time-consuming.

Algorithms -Robert Sedgewick

This book was found more practical and valuable than Thomas’s book.  Make sure to practice on your own to understand the Algorithms that are hard to digest. This book can be the best choice for Self Learning.

For Data Structure:

Data Structure through C in depth – S. K. Shrivastav and Deepali Shrivastav.

Data Structure through C in depth is the most popular book in India. For building the concept of DSA. C Language is used, For the implementation of the topics and examples. All the Data structures are super easy to understand. You can found Examples for every small coding concept. 

Data Structure and Algorithms made easy – Narasimha Karumanchi

Best books to read on Entrepreneurship in 2021

Best book for entrepreneurs

Most of the successful entrepreneurs we know today are self-made like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, etc. And the most common thing between those successful people is reading, they have a daily reading routine. First, I was also a non-believer about reading too often. I also used to prefer spending time reading/scanning articles and tutorials online and was unaware of how books will pay off big in the future. In my opinion, it’s impossible to absorb all of a book but we should give it a try.

Reading is one of the best ways to evolve the best version of yourself. I would like to share some of the Best Books to read on Entrepreneurship that will help you to reach the next level. Maybe you have heard about some of the books I will share earlier or some will be newer to you. But all the books will definitely help you elevate your courage, your potential to interact confidentially with people, and approach building improvement. So the best books on Entrepreneurship are as follows.

The Benefits of reading books:

There are a lot of benefits of reading a book like it helps you to understand yourself from a different perspective, It Opens ups your mind, and helps you to adapt to the changes going on in your life, and also helps you understand the different positive aspects of life. And its also make your vision more clear about your goals.

1. The Startup of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career by Reid Hoffman

Best books on entrepreneurship

The author of the book ‘ The Startup of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself and Transform Your Career’ is Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha. Reid Hoffman is a great American entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist. He was the founder of Linked-In Corporation and partner at venture capital firm Greylock. Ben Casnocha is also an American Entrepreneur, author, and investor who belongs to San Fransisco. He is currently the co-founder and partner at the venture capital firm Village Global. In this book, they have shared how you can grow your business whether you are working for others. Through this book, you can learn how you can stay focused on your entrepreneurial life whether you still have to answer to a boss for whom you work. This book will help you to build an entrepreneurial mindset that will motivate you towards your goals.

This book isn’t about building cover letters or resumes. Instead, It will help you to learn the best practices of Silicon Valley start-ups, and how you can apply these entrepreneurial strategies in your career. Whether you working with giant multinational corporation, a small business, or a startup, you need to know how to:

  • Adapting the change in circumstances in your career.
  • Developing a competitive personality to win the best jobs and opportunities.
  • How to strengthen your professional network
  • Finding the unique opportunities which can massively accelerate your career growth.
  • Taking proactive risks.

Click here to get the book!!

2.The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

The Book ‘The Psychology of Selling‘ was written by Brian Tracy. He is a Motivational speaker and Author based in America. We all know that the most important skill which an Entrepreneur should have is a good selling technique. Because Entrepreneurship is not only about selling a product but it’s about selling yourself or an idea. This book will help you to learn how you can make more sales by focusing on one thing. Sometimes we forget the basics of selling and jump right over to get results, but in order to get results, you need to learn the basics. In this book, Brian Tracy has shared his thoughts on how you can build selling psychology which can be very helpful for those who want to enhance their selling skills.

Click here to get the book!!

You can also Read- Top Books to read for Interview Preparation

3.Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life by Spencer Johnson

In this Book “who moved my cheese?”, Spencer Jhonson has shared a story that consists of four characters who live in a maze: two mice, named Scurry and sniff, and two little people Haw and Hem. As they the maze to find cheese but as they explore outside they realize that their journey isn’t all about finding a cheese. It’s better to quest a better human nature. In our lives, we easily get comfortable when we found our cheese. This means we always trapped into doing the same things we had already done to be successful, even after these practices have stopped working as effectively as they once did. In this, The cheese is a metaphor dedicated to what we want to have in life like a job, power status, relationships, etc. The maze is a metaphor for where you spend your time looking for what you want like within the organization, outside it, in the community, at home, etc.

Click here to get the book!!

4. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

The Book Thinking fast and slow‘ was written by Daniel Kahneman. He is an Israeli psychologist and economist notable for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics. He was also awarded in the year 2002 by Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences. After this multimillion-copy best-selling book ‘Thinking fast and slow‘ his new book Noise.

Click here to get the book!!

5.Click Millionaires by Scott Fox

With the help of the internet, everything is getting innovated in every field. A lot of businesses are shifting towards online and generating good revenue than ever before. In this Book, Scott Fox has explained how you can combine outsourcing and automated online marketing to build a successful revenue-generating online business. In his book ‘Click millionaires‘, he has shared the ways to make your business successful by the tools that are available to you with help of an online business model.

Click here to get the book!!

Top 5 best platforms to Learn Code Online for free

coding platform
find the best source to learn programming online

You know that it’s totally possible to Learn code online for free in 2021 but what are the best platforms to learn code online for free to start? Whether you already have some knowledge of code or have never typed a line of code before, You can start exploring any programming in these platforms which we have listed below.

Today every company maintains its digital presence and to provide services online to move with the latest trends. So, It is necessary to know the Fundamentals of Programming to work for such companies. Even you are indifferent to a field like business, management, and others that do not include core programming. It becomes easy to understand the whole system while operating with an experienced Software Engineer. There are lots of reasons to choose Software Engineering as a full-time career. You can consider some of the reasons below to know about the depth and width in programming.

  • It is now clear that that software development is the hottest position of the year 2020.
  • The list of 50 best Tech jobs in America in 2020, front end engineer takes the 1st spot boasting high salaries and high job satisfaction.

Money is not always the reason while choosing a career, But other factors also matter. But every profession has problems to solve for growth. Here the Programming improves problem-solving skills, and handling problem with different perspectives becomes simple, that everyone should learn like other subjects like maths and economics.

Platforms have their online compilers that you can’t run on your machine. You can choose your favorite code editor from here.

Where you can learn Programming?

Internet is full of online courses. But every Course or Tutorial is not for everyone. So, You have to very crucial while choosing. Along with free Learning, you earn a bunch of free Certificates.

So, there is a list of Best platforms to Learn Code Online for free.

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is one of the most popular Online Coding School, created by Quincy Larson. It is a nonprofit’s community of professionals and students where you’ll learn about Web Designing and Development that have a whole bunch of other things. You can earn free certificates on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data visualization, DevTools, QA testing, Node.js, React, jQuery, and more. FreeCodeCamp has a big community where people work together on coding skills and solve problems. FreeCodeCamp has hours of content on its Youtube channel about programming that was delivered by industry professionals. Many software Engineers got placed at Tech Giant through FreeCodeCamp. You can also help the FreeCodeCamp community by donating through their website.

2. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best places to learn for free. With versatile options in Courses and honored university professors, it comes to the second position on our list. Most of the courses are free of cost, But for certifications that are also available, Coursera has the option of “Coursera Verified Certificate” Which prices between 30$-100$. A little is worth for industry-recognized credentials.There are 3900+ Courses and Specializations, 13+ Professional Certificates, and 20+ Degrees & MasterTrack Certificates are available on Coursera with self-paced quizzes and hands-on projects. Global Community of Coursera is also available for help and feedback.

3. Edx 

Edx is also a popular open-source higher education learning platform. and operated by MIT and Harvard. With over 5 million users, It is one of the free sources to learn code at free. Other than Computer Science. It also teaches Engineering, Psychology, Writing, Electronics, Biology, Marketing, and much more related to student’s interests.It has over 600 courses under the computer science category, teaching a variety of coding languages. Java, C#, Python are some of the languages that students like to learn through this platform.It also has paid courses available, but the ratio of free and paid is low. Those are enough to learn the basics of any language. 100+ university partners to provide free education, Removing the barriers of costs, location, and access. It is the only leading MOOC provider that is both a nonprofit and open source. 

You can also check it out, other than programming to learn from the most valuable Universities.

4. w3schools

W3schools is the oldest website to learn code with practical implementations on the go. w3school focuses only on Web Development. You can learn both Javascript and PHP with your tech stack. Instead of video content, w3school has a wide range of questions to practice and learn alongside. It teaches HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, and React that is the latest technology getting used over the globe. It has a Color Picker for choosing a color while using CSS to ease the whole process of Learning.W3.CSS Templates is a massive collection of templates that is available for free to practice and other usages. There is a quiz section which you can use to refine your skills.

5. GeeksforGeeks

GeeksforGeeks is also called “GFG” is the best genuine source of Learning and practicing competitive programming. GFG has a big collection of question which tech Giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft ask in their Technical Interviews. which was founded by Sandeep Jain and other four friends. If you are preparing for the core Software Engineer Job, then GFG is best for you. With a wide range of questions and sorted by the tags of the company name and concept, you’ll find a question that you’re looking for.

You can learn Data Structures, Algorithms, Programming Language, and can prepare for competitive examinations. Software Developer, Experienced Students posts articles about Job Interview, Coding Rounds, Placement roadmap, and discuss the workflow and Responsibility of different Computer Engineers. It also has a practice round where you can solve problems based on concepts of DSA(Data Structure) and Programming language. And these are available things are free of cost. GFG also provides paid courses that are all instructed by industry professionals and experts.

How to earn money in Share market without investment

How To Earn Money In Share Market Without Investment

When someone talks about earn money in share market without investment, It seems like a joke but it is not. Yes, you can earn money in the share market without investing money but for this one should right skills and knowledge about share market. Some people have money but they fear to trade or invest in the share market but on the other side some have no money but they have knowledge about it. So in this article, we are going to give you a proper guide on how to earn money in share market without investment.

With the investment, there are many options by which you can make money through it like long term investment, intraday and swing trade, etc. But do we have any way to do it without investment? Let’s explore some of the possible ways of doing it.

1.Recommend stock broking services

Recommend stock Broking services:earn money in share market without investment

It’s the first way by which you can earn money in share market without investment which is Recommending stockbrokers to people. It can be a good way to generate passive income with your skills and knowledge of share market. There are many stockbrokers in the market like Zerodha, upstox and groww etc. offer a partnership and referral program in which they provide you commission on every trader joins their program from your referral and also a lifetime percentage in the brokerage of them. So if you have good communication skills and knowledge of share market you can recommend people near you and convenience them to use the stockbroking service of your partner broker. You can also share your knowledge on your social media platforms to attract more audience. Or you can create a youtube channel or blog to get more referral by providing suggesting them brokerage services.

2.Become a Consultant

Becoming a Consultant is one of the best way earning money through share market. If you have good knowledge and experience of how market works, where to invest and how to invest . Then you can generate passive income by providing consultancy to others.

Become a Consultant: earn money in share market without investment

For that you will have to make yourself a brand, Because personal branding plays very important role because the more people will know about you, the more you will be getting paid.  Organise online events and seminars, make online courses and programe people will enroll the courses/program by paying your fee. I suggest this because in this way you don’t have to invest a single rupee, interested people will pay and enroll your program (online or offline).

3.Manage account’s of others

You can manage other’s account by registering yourself as a partner or associate with stock broker. When you become associate person then you should have necessary authorization to trades on behalf of clients from their accounts. 

Manage accounts of others : earn money in share market without investment

This is a nice way to convert your trading and investment skills into money by trading for your client and charging fee or percentage of amount from their profit.

4.Become stock broker or sub-broker

People either earn or lose money but broker always make money that’s best part about being a broker or sub-broker. If you are broker or sub-broker then you don’t have to worry about bull or bear market because you will always get your commission when people buy and sell their shares. 

You must be financially capable to become stock broker, if you have enough money then you can proceed with registering youself as a Stock Exchange with a Registration ID. You can share this Registered ID with your clients and start trading.
To become sub-broker, you will have to get registered under exchange as a partner with brokerage company. As a sub-broker you get commission as a percentage of profit by supporting the trading activities of clients.

Qualcomm’s new flagship Snapdragon 888 is Here!!

snapdraon 888
Qualcomm snapdragon 888 is launched

Last year Qualcomm launched the snapdragon 865 in its Tech Submit. And we got the hand on the flagship 865 that stays in 1 position for the last one year.

But this year, Unfortunately, the Tech Summit is virtual, but the beast is here. But before we discuss the new processor. Why 888? instead of 875 because of some reasons that Qualcomm stated

“The number 8 signifies infinity, success, or inner wisdom. In Sanskrit, it is the number of wealth and abundance, while in Chinese Numerology 888 represents tripe luck.” sounds interesting. 

The overview of the new Snapdragon 888 is

  1. New Architecture – 5mn
  2. Cyro 680 cores with a clock speed up to 2.84Ghz.

These are the same clock speeds same as the snapdragon 865 clock speeds but, These on the cortex x1 architecture. which means 

“25% better in performance and 25% high power efficiency as well,” said Qualcomm.

Cores of Snapdragon 888


Instead of all cortex A-series cores, the snapdragon 888 has four high efficiency cortex a55 cores at 1.8 gigahertz. Three high-performance cortex a78 cores at 2.4 gigahertz and one extreme performance cortex x1 core at 2.84 gigahertz that’s important because the cortex x1 is a code designed purely for performance and

not to strike a balance between performance and power that is insane for the gamers. Snapdragon also talked about the higher upgrades in Camera and Gaming.

Camera Performance

For the first time, Qualcomm has trip ISPs that as new Qualcomm Spectra 580 ISP. According to Qualcomm, this time tripe concurrency and tripe parallel processing. That means snapdragon 888 can let smartphones shoot 4k HDR videos from three cameras at the same time and smoothly switch between lenses when zooming in and out while shooting. It also means you can capture from three different sensors at the same time. The new ISP supports 10-bit color depth for photos that means your picture can have a billion colors in it for even higher quality pictures.

Qualcomm has new low light architecture as well that can capture photos in as low as 0.1 Lux lighting. Snapdragon 888 can take burst photos at 120 fps that means you will get sharp images even object is moving around.

The new IPS can support up to 200MP photos and can shoot slow-mo at 960 fps Dolby vision video recording multi-frame noise reduction and a lot more obviously a lot of this depends on what features OEM use in their phones.

But Samsung and Xiaomi focus a lot on camera features in their flagships. We’re hoping we’ll get to see these features in action on the Mi 11 and the Galaxy S21 next year.

Gaming Performance

For gamers, The snapdragon 888 seems to be bringing some mighty impressive features.

It is going to come with HDR gaming, 144 FPS support, and updatable GPU drivers have been around for a while. Snapdragon 888 will support variable-rate shading as well. It’s a feature that’s so far only available on pc games and consoles. But with the Snapdragon 888, it will be its way to smartphone games. Qualcomm claims this will improve rendering speeds by up to 30%. Games should be able to run at Even higher frame rates, and the longer that is a win-win for us.

There’s also the new Qualcomm quick touch feature that will prove helpful in competitive FPS games. With Quick touch, you will experience a 20% faster touch response on Smartphone games. Games, like PUBG mobile or Call of Duty, we know these things can make a lot of difference in those intense moments. There’s also anti-hull that ensures that there’s no audio feedback when you’re playing multiplayer games near the mic on something people who play team multiplayer games like call of duty mobile will appreciate.


The new 888 is powered by the new Arduino 660 GPU that offers 35% faster-rendering speeds and 20 higher power efficiency as compared to the Adreno 650 that was present in the snapdragon 865. Rog Phones all the other gaming phones in 2021 should make use of these gaming features. There are improvements in other areas as well.

Other Improvement

The new Hexagon 780 AI engine brings AI to gaming, cameras

voice assistants, and more with AI and cameras, some exciting features including better autofocus auto white

balance and auto exposure. Qualcomm is saying that ” Arcsoft will use these features and will make your smartphone camera focus, track, and zoom in and out automatically when you’re recording a video. There are also improvements in terms of security the snapdragon 888 comes with a new hypervisor that brings isolated operating systems for each app we can use work profiles, personal profiles, and even others plus Switching between them instantly and they will all remain completely separate from each other which is great for security and privacy.

Lastly, There’s 5g support here as well, The Snapdragon 888 is using a new Qualcomm x60 modem with support for 5g millimeter-wave and sub 6 GHz networks and download speeds up to 7.5 Gbps. The processor also comes with a fast connect 6900 platforms with Bluetooth 5.2 and wi-fi 6E. There’s nothing new here though, The Snapdragon 865 plus also had the fast connect 6900 platforms with wi-fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. Those were some of the most impressive new features in the newly announced snapdragon 888.

Best Accessories for Motorola One Fusion+

Moto fusion+ Accessories
Accessories for Moto Fusion+

The Moto Fusion+ launched at a great price in India. Fusion+ phone has the best features in the 18K phone category. 

It runs on a 730G SoC processor with Stock Andriod skin, which means no bloatware and recommendations. With all features, it has some weak points too. That eventually decreases the overall performance.

For better performance, we can you some accessories to maintain the overall performance for a long time.

Here is a list of products that you should try with Moto One Fusion+.

The list consists of 5 products that cover the total protection and boost battery life.

check this on Amazonn


Initially, moto comes with a plastic case that is not good at all.

We have divided the category of the case into two different sections. One is for official work and another for regular usage.

TheGiftKart Rugged Carbon Fibre Case & SHINESTAR Moto One Fusion Plus Flip Case 

TheGiftKart Rugged Carbon Fibre Case

This one comes under the best cases with lots of specialties like Heat Dissipation Design and Flexible Durable TPU.

The case feels nice in-hand feel. The rugged design provides a better grip and makes more smooth and fingerprint Finishing. A slight bump around the edges of the cameras and sides of the case increases the total protection.

 The case is more very lightweight that weighs around 18g and is designed with Advance Technology to provide the phone All-Round Protection ensuring that your phone stays protected.

You can check out this case on amazon.

SHINESTAR Moto One Fusion Plus Flip Case 

Shinestar is a premium quality case that has a daily look.

This case is considerable for official use and senior citizen.

 Synthetic PU leather and durable hard PC inner are used for manufacturing the Shinestar products. Perfect cuts for cameras and earpieces make it more comfortable in day to usage. The Magnetic dairy button resists unnecessary getting off. 

The flip part of the case also has a convenient card slot for daily usage card that can hold up to 3 cards or cash safely. The smart kickstand is one of the best features of this case that you can use to watch movies or video calls. You can choose between three color variants for the same flip cover.


The moto fusion+ does not come with any Gorilla glass that is a downside. Moto has Zero eye strain tempered glass that is not durable in case of an easy drop. For glass guard, we can look for premium quality because of no gorilla glass.

True Desire Edge to Edge Full-Screen Coverage

True Desire Edge to Edge Full-Screen Coverage

Ture Desire is a full-screen edge to edge glass. This glass comes with 9H surface hardness and Full Coverage for a bezel-less screen. Anti-fingerprint and Oleophobic Coating packed inside True Desire glass.

This 6D tempered glass is better than the 5D tempered glass, which is specifically designed to be compatible with most back cases.

This Screen Protector Comes with HD+ clarity ensures a perfect match with your screen with zero impact on the visual display.

You can get this glass from the online and offline market.


Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband

Moto does not pack any earphone inside the box that is necessary for day to day calling and multimedia consumption. Earphones have become an essential part of a mobile phone for online meetings and video calls.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve will be the best choice with Moto Fusion+.

Some highlighting feature of these Pro bass wireless band is It has long battery life, offers a playback time of up to 12-15 hours for every charge.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband

It is IPX5 certified, which means it is water and sweatproof. This Wireless earphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which fast and stable transmission without tangling. Calling and Google assistant can be done, With these earphones with buttons on the neckband.

Sound Quality is best among all the available earphones under this range, which is possible because of Robust aerospace grade AL alloy encased over micro-woofers that provide crisp deep bass for the bass heads.

Boult Audio Pro bass Curve Wireless NeckBand is available on Amazon and Flipkart.


DBMK Camera lens Protector for Motorola One Fusion Plus

Motorola Fusion+ has a big camera bump that can become serious while using without any camera protection. This DBMK Camera lens protector comes under the price range of Rs 200. It provides better protection to the camera. The material of the Camera protector is 10X times tougher than any other glass. 

DBMK Camera lens Protector for Motorola One Fusion Plus

It has an Oleophobic coating(Anti-fingerprint) coated layer for resistance against smudges and fingerprints. It also supports all types of cover and cases because of edge to edge size.

The success story of boAt Company. Number one brand in-ear category in India.

Success story of boat company

The story of an Indian consumer electronics startup that is creating a revolution in the area of audio devices. Yes, We are talking about the success story of boat Lifestyle– A brand that is bringing affordable, fashionable, and durable audio products and accessories for us.

The Boat Company was started in 2015 as a consumer electronics startup in Delhi. It was founded by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta. They converted themselves as a lifestyle brand that deals in fashionable consumer electronics. Entering into the 5th year of their journey boat stands tall with a team of 100 members, offices in Delhi and Mumbai, celebrity brand ambassadors, and a family of over 2 million happy customers. And recorded sales of between 14,000-15,000 units a day. Boat Lifestyles have headphones, earphones, speakers, travel chargers, and premium cables in its portfolio.

In this hard time of pandemic where employees have been getting off their hands from jobs. Boat started hiring more employees and offered a pay hike to all its employees. It has around 100 members in its team across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. In Covid time the boat company registered a 20% surge in demand for its products. Boat Company registered gross revenue of over Rs 500 crore in FY2019-20 and aims to 1000 crore by FY24 on the back of strong demand for products like audio devices and accessories in the country.

About the Founders of Boat Company

  1. Aman Gupta(co-founder of boAt Lifestyle)
Source: Linked in Profile

He did a Masters in Business Administration(MBA) from Kellogg School of Management in 2011 with general management and marketing. His graduate business education also took place at the Indian School of Business. Aman Gupta is also a CA (chartered accountant), He completed his CA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India from 1999-2002 in accounting and finance. For his undergraduate degree, He attended Delhi University from 1998-2001 where he studied to receive a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

His entrepreneurial journey was started as a Co-founder and CEO of Advanced Telemedia Pvt Ltd, which helped launch global brands such as Beats Audio, Sennheiser, and Telex, among others, in the Indian market. Now he is also Cofounder and chief marketing officer at Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd and Boat.

2. Sameer Mehta(Co founder of boAt Lifestyle)

Source: Golden.com

He is also a director at Kores India, a family business he takeover. Kores India Limited is the Indian branch of global business products and services conglomerate Kores and has been in operation in India since 1936. He was appointed to his directorship at Kores India Limited in February 2010.