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Top 5 Code Editors that you should use in 2020.

Top 5 Code Editors
A bundle of code Editors

Hey Geeks,

This pandemic brings everything to only Online platforms. And Programming has become so vital that everyone started learning code or programming language. Usually, we found that Instructor/Teachers Code Editors look amazing where the IDE and editors we use are limited to some extent you can’t do theme customization, snippets, and many more.

Role of Editors at your Work.

A perfect code editor plays an immersive role in your coding life. Everyone has a different workflow based on their number of file handling in a single project or many other languages. So, an ideal editor should increase the productivity environment around and positivity impression. It should support different Extensions or External packages that ultimately boost the code writing speed and detect bugs efficiently. A collection of different extension is also available for doing work with little efferts.

Some Editor comes with debugging feature and code formatting that make code more beautiful. 

What features code editor should have?

Every editor is unique and bizarre features embedded in it. But that might not be necessary for a coder, So here is a list of features that you can examine while choosing a perfect editor.

  1. It should be fast and flexible.
  2. It should supports extensions.
  3. Support customization.
  4. Friendly Interface.
  5. Debugger and Code Formatter.
  6. Intelligent code completion
  7. Snippets
  8. Support a large number of Technologies/Languages.

Much more necessary features are out there, but they are technology-specific for programmers like Web Developers require additional function for Fast Reloading, better File management, and welcoming for new technologies and file types.

Most of the features are available in the editor mentioned below in rising order. Further, you come to know about them.

Top Code Editors that you should use in 2020.

So, here is a list of Best Code Editor that you should use in 2020.

This list has the best editor with lots of features according to need with unlimited customization.


VS Code or Visual Studio Code comes at 1st position in your list.

It has every feature mentioned above. It is an open-source editor introduced by Microsoft. Available for all platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has n number of themes available for customization. You can design your Theme too by following the instruction in the documentation.

All the technologies support the Visual Studio Code. 

It includes a built-in terminal, GIT support, debugger, intelligent code completion, and excellent file sorting and managing system. It auto-completes parameters and other similar blocks of code.

However, With such mindblowing features, it becomes bulky and slows down the system a little bit. It takes more time to launch compared to other editors.


Sublime is the lightest and most loving editor over the globe. It has a simple interface and well packed with admirable features. Sublime is a cross-platform and developed by Sublime HQ.

 It is open-source software but has Licensing too that priced at $80. It is super light that runs smoothly even at a low specs system. Customization and package ecosystem of sublime is easy with the help of package control that has a tremendous number of choices.

A wide range of options is accessible for appearance, text color, and layout customization. Some things with this software are super surprising and feel better than other ones.

Sublime Text is best for some specific language. But in terms of the latest technologies, it sucks. seldom its Text-color feature didn’t work the way it should. Because of this comes to 2nd position on our list of Best Editors in 2020.

You can consider this for the best UI and smooth experiences.


Here the Github’s editor comes, with all the open-source functionality. Perfectly bundled with a minimal interface and complex characteristics.

It allows unlimited customization by packages that are open source or code your own and publish for everyone. But still, it comes with a bunch of different dark and light syntax color themes pre-installed. Also, a cross-platform software that can launch on any OS.

It is a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js integrated runs on Electron, a framework for building the cross-platform app using web technologies.

It feels smooth but bulky to the system and could handle multiple directories but has less as compared to other editors like debugger and terminal. Atom is one of the best editors for GitHub guy for running git command while coding.


Brackets is specially designed for web developers by Adobe in the race of open source editors. Its performance is similar to Atom and Sublime Text. It again was written in a similar type of tech stack that is HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, and other Adobe tools. Available at Github for open-source developers to make it better.

Special features like Live Preview, SCSS preprocessor, Inline Editors that are not available at Atom or Github. But those features achieved with some external packages but inbuilt features found more efficient and fast. Supports plugins like package control for customizations.

It is primary for someone with no Frameworks and Libraries that is a clean Web Designing stack. Scores 4th position in our Editors list.

Notepad++ Text and Code Editor

You can call Notepad++ has a replacement of Notepad that is a kind of text editor thing. It is open-source available only on the Windows platform. Notepad++ is an eco-friendly text editor that reduces the carbon percentage by using less CPU that reduces power consumption. 

C++ is the only programming language used to build Notepad++. It has all the fundamental features that a code editor should offer. It supports a few languages that have a white theme combined with colored syntax. Multiple files can be handled but do not have a proper Directory section for root details of the project.

Size of the whole software even small than 5MB. A perfect choice for a beginner with entry-level specs.

Hope you can find the best one for you after reading. Before leaving drop a comment which is your favorite code editor.  Read more

What is Graphic Designing? Job Options, Salary, Freelancing


Hello, InfoGeeks here.

Today I am going to talk about What is Graphic Designing. What are the job options available and salary? Mostly people having doubts about what is graphic Designing where to learn and how to generate income from it. All the images, illustrations, banners, posters, or everything that is conveying anything in a visual format is a Graphic. The era is full of digital being where everyone wants a digital presence either in the form of a website or social media.

What is Graphic Designing?

 The Graphic word describes communication in the form of visuals using Typography, Photography, and Illustrations. Graphic Designing refers to creating visuals that figure out some values. It is a sense of aesthetic appeal and marketing.

 Designing different layout using typography and images and meet the user need placement of elements that enhance the user experience. 

Graphics are the gist of any brand or individual. It creates the position of that entity. Pixel-based or vector-based Softwares like Photoshop, CorelDraw are used to craft based on the industry demands.

What is the need for Graphic Designing?

Graphics designing is necessary for every industry. Graphic Designing is everywhere in education, corporate, social media, and even in a local business. Graphic covers a range of products Logo Designing, Business cards, Social Media Banner, and many more.

Graphics plays a prominent role in the modern business era. Business requires impressive marketing materials to compete with others.

A memorable logo is a requirement of any business to build a freakish brand identity. 

In the past few years, this industry scaled from printing to every single gadget. Maintaining social media and websites with the same colors and typography is only achievable by a graphics designer.

A big reason for businesses increasingly demanding more visuals is an effective way to communicate with the audience. Engagement time is decreasing in the limitations of time in people live tend to increase the need for more graphic content.

Requirements of service specified above shows that everyone should know graphics at their level or as per requirement. The Graphic industry never went down.

Do you need any certification or Degree?

No, you do not require any certification or Degree until you take graphic Designing as a full-time career. The thing matters are your skills and experiences.

There are a lot of Graphic Designers with not even proper schooling. But their skills are game-changers for them. You can be a great freelancer or can be a part-time designer without any certificate or Degree.

But, If you want a graphic design as a career, Then you must have a degree or certification from a reputable institute. A strong portfolio with Degree is a must for a good salary. As a Beginner, start with an e-certificate to grasp knowledge about the industry. Then choose the specific post. 

Required Skills :

The skillset required for Graphic Design:

  1. Creativity
  2.  Knowledge of Programming Languages.
  3. Visualization
  4. Knowledge of Typography
  5. Knowledge of Software
  6. Good Communication Skills
  7. Good interpersonal skills

 Softwares that you should master as a Graphic Designer.

Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is a paid software by Adobe Inc. Photoshop is a raster-based software. Which means it only works on images or pixel-based documents.

Photoshop is used for manipulation, masking, photo effects, and can do everything that you can imagine with an image. It is a pillar of the graphic design industry. It is the most demanding skills in the world of graphics and visuals.

Adobe Illustrator:  Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based editor developed by Adobe. It is one of the most used software in the world. It is favorable to the user and has a tool collection for doing hours of works in minutes. Most of the modern websites use vector instead of images for the representation. A graphic designer must be a master in Illustrator.

Corel Draw Suite: Corel Draw is one of the popular apps used for making vectors and illustrations. Corel is full of customization options. According to your usage. Artist uses Corel basically for logo and print related works. You must know either Illustrator or Corel for Vector related works.

There are thousands of software used by artists around the globe according to need, workflow, and availability of the resource. Some software only supports macOS.

 How to be a Graphic Designer?

Probably you can start with some online courses for specialization in anyone like UI/UX, Vector Artist. But if you are looking for a nice place to complete the whole graphic design from start to end. Here are a few websites that you must check out.

  1. Udemy
  2. SkillShare
  3. Coursera
  4. Youtube

And a lot more instructors provide their special courses through their websites, you can also go for them if you are satisfied with their teaching skills.

Most of the sites have paid membership or specific course to purchase. Some free sources are also available without certifications that you can try for knowledge purposes.

What are the platforms to get paid?

There are a lot of options that are available to earn through your skills. The major of the designers use freelancing websites to showcase their work to get projects. Some of the most popular are sites are listed below.

  1. UpWork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr
  4. 99designs

 You can check out all sites for which satisfy your skillset. On these sites, you have to make a gig or portfolio for showcasing your work, and customer satisfaction is the and their review decide your position among your competitors.

But the graphic designing field is full of competition, so you’ll have to be unique in your work. You can also try other passive income sources like selling your stock graphics, selling your fonts, selling your tutorials. 

Job Options 

Freelance Designer

In freelancing, you work for all types of clients through the online or offline medium. The main benefits of freelancing are, you are your boss, you can decide when to work or not, go for outsourcing. The only issue with freelancing is no stable income. You have to maintain a good client base for stable earnings.

In-house Designer :

An in-house Designer works for a specific company and handles all types of graphics-related works that includes a banner poster to video editing. The main benefits are you have a stable income. But in-housing makes you limited to the same type of work workflow.

Ad-Agency Designer:

In this job, you work with a team you do need to search for clients, the company itself brings big clients to you. It boosts your skills, and you collaborate with different workflow and knowledge of various artists. This job title is best for full-time graphic designers with no worries about the clients.

What is Freelancing ? And How you Can be a Freelancer.

What is Freelancing?

You would have heard from a lot of people answering when you ask them what they do that ‘I am freelancer‘. So in this article, we will be explaining to you all about freelancing and how you can also become a freelancer.
Freelancing is a very good way to make some income while in college or schools. Even a lot of professionals are leaving their 9-5 jobs and adopting freelancing as a full-time career.
The year 2020 is a good time to start your journey in freelancing because due to the pandemic a lot of companies want their work to be done online. And By freelancing you can sell any services in which you are well skilled.

But it also raises some questions in a beginner like

Can freelancers sustain for long without a job?

What exactly do these “freelancers” do?

So read the complete blog and you will get complete clarification about all your doubts.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a contract based profession where instead of permanently recruited in an organization or company the person is recruited for performing a particular task or provide services for a limited period of time.


Freelancing is when you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments without committing to a single employer. The number of assignments or tasks that you can take just boils down to your ability to deliver on them as asked from them.

Freelancing allows you to work-from-home or remotely. But it doesn’t make it as same as work from home. Because in a work-from-home job it involves a contract between you and an employer who gives you a salary. They can perform any job and can be delivered over the internet without their presence at the company or client’s place.

Meaning of ‘Freelancer’

A Freelancer is person who get paid by providing services to various clients. These services relate to the person’s skills and are not necessarily provided to just businesses but they can be provided to any individual.

Freelancers either use third party platforms like peopleperhour, fiverr etc or they use their networks oor social media to get more clients and provide services to them.

Do you think you can sustain a lavish life while freelancing? or Choose it as full time career?(Comment down Below)

Fact: Around 11% of the working adult population in the US is working primarily as full-time freelancers.

Freelancing as a Career

Choosing Freelancing as a career can be a good option because with the evolution of freelancing a new concept got introduced in the work environment which is known as The Gig Economy(Read more about Gig Economy). In the gig economy instead of sticking to a single job or company, a person can provide services to many clients on his own terms and get paid for it at his own prices from clients.

This sounds fascinating, but at the same time it comes up with so many responsibilities. For having successful in freelancing you should be self-disciplined, punctual, and sincere towards your work. You should also have skills like how to deal with clients, building portfolio and managing money. you should be confident about your work and charge your services according. Analyze the market, clients and then decide how much you are going to charge.

Pros and Cons Of Freelancing

If you are thinking to start your career in freelancing, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of freelance work. So, Some of the pros of freelancing are-

  • Flexible Work hours: You can choose your desirable time to work and can set your own schedule to fit around other activities.
  • Choice and Diversity: Being a freelancer, you can pick the projects of your own choice and are less confined to specific markets or sectors.
  • Authority: You can set your own goals and work on them.

And on the other hand the some of the cons of the freelancing are

  • Fewer benefits: When you work in a company they provide you offer, benefits for their employees, such as insurance or pension plans. And freelancers would be responsible for their own perks and benefits.
  • Low stability: Because Freelancing is depends upon getting enough clients ,Many freelancers have less financial stability and less guarantee of future work than employees.

How to be a Freelancer

The trend of freelancing is growing very rapidly and still if you haven’t started your journey in this so here we are with the six tips that will guide you to begin your journey in freelancing.

1.Choose a niche

The most initial step to getting into freelancing is choosing a niche and then specializing in that specific field. Because whenever someone searches for a freelancer they always want to hire a specialist in that field to fix their problems properly. And when it comes to my own experience, choosing to specialize as a MERN stack developer—as opposed to being a general web developer for hire—has been the single best decision I’ve made with my freelance business.

2.Level Up Your Skills

After choosing the right niche to work in the next is to do is getting well versed in the relative skills.
Like if you have chosen to work as Front end developer then you should have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and Frameworks like React, Angular, etc.

3.Build your portfolio

You don’t need to have a classical cv to land freelance work. As of now, every freelancing platform has its own pre-designed templates which you need to fill out with your information. But should not treat these profiles as a check box exercise. You should give time to make it the best and attract more customers.

4.Find a platform

So the next step is to find a platform to offer your services. Most of the freelancer use freelancing websites to find clients but you can also utilize your social media channels to get clients where using LinkedIn can be a great source of finding gigs. But if you directly want to reach out to the clients looking for services then you can check websites like Fiverr, Freelancer , Upwork, and PeoplePerHour, etc. But I personally suggest using Fiverr if you are starting out.

5.Determine your price

Before offering services you need to determine your prices because whenever a client search for a freelancer they always search for someone having experience or who has expertise in relevant required skills. So when you are choosing the price always put pricing according to the quality of service you can give to the client.

6.Focus on client relationships

It is the most important factor in Freelancing. You need to maintain a good relationship with your current clients because it will help you to get consistent works in the future.

Top 5 Non-Chinese Smartphones In 2020 under 25000


India is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. Every week a new phone comes to market with some unique features. The industry has a wide range of smartphones in every budget category.
The recent Atma Nirbhar Bharat and Anti-Chinese products sentiment bring new Anti-Chinese Category includes Non-Chinese Brands. The Indian consumer started looking for India based brands or non-Chinese brands for here’s a list of Top Non-Chinese Phones comes under 25000.
The list of the smartphone includes Brands from Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and the USA. This list as follows

Samsung Galaxy M51

The new M51 comes at 1st position in our Top 5 non-Chinese category because of battery and performance .M51 is a monster that has India’s first 700mAh Battery 25W USB type-C fast charger and also supports reverse charging.

This phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 750 SoC processor that is an 8mn power-efficient architecture based. The two main highlights of this phone are a 6.7” FHD+ super AMOLED display and a Quad camera setup with a Sony IMX682 sensor. This phone is the best in the price range.

More about the monster mentioned below

Specification of Samsung Galaxy M51

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 730 SoC
Front Camera32MP
Rear Camera64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP
Display6.7” FHD+ 60Hz
OS and UIAndroid 10 with One UI


  1. Bigger battery with fast charging
  2. Super AMOLED display
  3. Better Performance


  1. Preinstalled Bloatware 
  2. Average Video Shooting
  3. Bulky

Samsung Galaxy M31s

The Samsung Galaxy M31s come on the second position in our Top 5 non-Chinese category. This phone comes with great camera features with a 64MP Intelli-Cam technology that notifies you of an ideal resolution to click for details and single take which means single photo/video consists of many outputs.

M31s also comes with a monster 6000mAh battery with 25W in-box fast charging. It has a 6.5” FHD+ super AMOLED display with Infinity-O Design.
M31s comes with Exynos 9611 SoC Processor with LPDD4x Ram. More details are mentioned.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy M51

ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9611
Front Camera32MP
Rear Camera64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP
Display6.5” FHD+ 60Hz
OS and UIAndroid 10 with One UI


  1. Good Battery life
  2. Super AMOLED display
  3. In Box Fast Charger


  1. Old Processor
  2. Low Camera performance
  3. Heating issues

Motorola One Fusion+

Fusion+ comes at 3rd position in our Top 5 non-Chinese category. Fusion+ is a budget segment phone from Motorola. This phone comes with a Snapdragon 730G SoC processor that can handle day to day and gaming on high setting as well. Fusion+ comes with a popup 16MP camera.

This phone has a 6.5” FHD+ Display that is HDR 10 certified. Motorola packs a 5000mAh massive battery with 18W fast charging that lasts around 6-7 hours on regular use.
Motorola brings stock Android with this phone that means no preinstalled apps. The UI becomes very clean and smooth because of no bloatware and no custom UI.Fusion+ captures good photos day and night both.
The macro lens performs average compare to other phones in this range. Video Shooting is nice with stabilization.

Specification of Motorola One Fusion+

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 730 SoC
Front Camera16MP
Rear Camera64MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP
Display6.5” FHD+ 60Hz
OS and UIAndroid 10 with Moto UX


  1. Good Battery life
  2. Super AMOLED display
  3. In Box Fast Charger


  1. Old Processor
  2. Low Camera performance
  3. Heating issues

Motorola G9

G9 is a super budget-friendly smartphone with decent specifications that comes with SnapDragon 662 SoC processor and a 5000mAh battery that makes it bulkier. G9 has a 6.5inch LCD HD+ display with a 20:9 aspect ratio.
This G series smartphone available only in one variant.

There is a dedicated Google Assistant button on G9. The phone has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner below the triple camera setup consisting of 48MP primary and two 2MP cameras for dept and macro shots.

Mostly phones under this budget come with a punch-hole display still, Motorola brings a dewdrop notch placing an 8MP selfie camera.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy M51

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 750 SoC
Front Camera32MP
Rear Camera64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP
Display6.7” FHD+ 60Hz
OS and UIAndroid 10 with One UI


  1. Good Battery life
  2. Super AMOLED display
  3. In Box Fast Charger


  1. Old Processor
  2. Low Camera performance
  3. Heating issues

Nokia 5.3

Nokia 5.3 comes in 5th position in our category of Non-Chinese smartphones. Because of stock android with regular updates.
Nokia 5.3 is the phone offered by HMD Global under Google’s Android One Program. It has a 6.55” HD+ display with a dewdrop notch for an 8-megapixel selfie camera.
This phone gets strength from a snapdragon 665 SoC that is an early processor but still, stock android turns into smooth UI. It handles all the day-to-day tasks with average gaming performance.
This phone has a quad rear camera setup arranged in a circular ring. Nokia packs a 4000mAh battery with only 10W charging.
Nokia claims two Android version updates and three years of Android Security updates.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy M51

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 655 Soc
Front Camera8MP
Rear Camera13MP + 5MP + 2MP + 2MP
Display6.55” HD+ 60Hz
OS and UIStock Android 10


  1. Good Battery life
  2. Super AMOLED display
  3. In Box Fast Charger


  1. Old Processor
  2. Low Camera performance
  3. Heating issues

What is Concierge Services? Types and Business Model

What Is Concierge Service? Types & Business Models

Meaning of Concierge Services

The Word Concierge means a person who is employed in hotels, theaters, restaurants, etc. to assist or help the customers to get their work or services done. And the services provided by these kinds of employees are known as Concierge Services.

But nowadays concierge is performing almost every task for the people like top-level businessmen, VIP’s and celebrities from managing their bank accounts to planning their vacation trips.

How Concierge Business Model Works

Concierge services are a very recent addition to the service industry. All credits go to the innovation and advance in the business sectors and the busy schedules of working professionals. These limitations of times in people’s lives tend to the arrival of Concierge Services in the industry. Because these kinds of services help one to save their time for investing it in some constructive works. The concierge business model capitalizes on this kind of need.

The business models of different concierge service providers differ in the types of service provided and to whom it is provided. Some concierges help employers maintain good employer-employee relations, some deal in handling customer grievances, some concierges provide personal travel planning service, while some provide all these services by acting as a personal assistant or lifestyle managers.

Types of Concierge services

1.The Lifestyle Concierge

This Kind of Concierge services have the intention to provide customer the services related to their daily life like Event planning , Dinning etc. The Lifestyle concierge services are far different from hotel concierge services. These services are personalized to perform tasks in such way that one can spend more time in their important works and enjoy their life. The customer here outsources their personal chores to an agency, request for lifestyle manager and pay on a monthly basis

Task Of The Lifestyle Concierge

  • Personalize assistance
  • Errand-running
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Personalize shopping
  • Dining
  • Life administrator

2.The Medical Concierge

This service is personalized for senior citizens, Child care, and emergency cases or for accidentally injured people. This service is like lifestyle services because it also works to provide personalized enhanced care. This service is applicable for both Doctor and Patients – as a doctor needs to handle a huge number of patients and patients need routine care and treatments from a doctor.

This is one of the best winning business models because through this service, medical concierge get paid high from one thousand to ten thousand (in us dollars) depending on clients.

Task Of The Medical Concierge

  • Answer telephones
  • Add, delete and update patients records
  • Fill insurance form
  • Handle billing expense
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Keep inventory ready to supply

3. The Business Concierge

This is the Most expensive concierge services as compare to other concierge services. Because in this concierge needs have high-level corporate knowledge and business experience. Due to its higher demand, it becomes a successful business model in the category of concierge services. Normally this model is highly used by c-level executives, IT companies, bank managers, and other great professionals.

Tasks of The Business Concierge

  • Recruitment
  • Business transportation
  • Handle clients meeting
  • Track financial reports
  • Industry research
  • Billing and expense management
  • Arrange, schedule and reschedule meetings
  • Recommend new business ideas

4.The Hotel Concierge

In this service, The Customers get services like restaurant assist, guides, bookings, event plannings, and provide a solution to every problem that arises to the guest related to hotel services.

Tasks of The Hotel Concierge

  • Transportation arrangements
  • Recommend place to visit
  • Health and fitness care
  • Keep you safe
  • Help you enjoy
  • Fix sticky problems

5. The Wedding Concierge

You can relate to the wedding this kind of concierge services to wedding planners or caters etc. Because in this service client hires service providers for a very short time period and pays them a huge amount. In this employee should have enough experience to do pre-wedding plan and arrange all necessary needs before 8-10 hours so that the wedding event goes smooth.

Tasks of The Wedding Concierge

  • Pre-or-post wedding planner
  • Venue organizes with necessary themes and layout.
  • The solution to the guest problem
  • Food and beverages serve
  • Health and safety.
  • and other facilities like Transportation & Electricity etc.

6. The Travel Concierge

This Travel concierge service is constantly gaining popularity from travelers and business people. From this service, clients get an expert opinion and necessary information both online and offline for planning their travel plans. These services mostly used when people want to plan an abroad trip & looking for a local and experienced concierge. This service has agreements with local restaurants, transport providers, and famous places, to provide a timely, safe, and reasonable journey for tourists.

Tasks of The Travel Concierge

  • Local language guide
  • Restaurant & Hotel Bookings
  • Transport Facilities
  • Place a recommendation to explore
  • Planning a budget-friendly trip
  • Booking tickets etc.