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How to hunt your Dream Job

Finding a job can be one of the most challenging things people experience. It is quite frustrating to look for the first job, making a career change. Don’t lead the rat race and follow steps that work with the current scenario. Some facts and researches show that more than half of employed people are considering getting a new job.

I’ll be discussing some working techniques to get rid of the hassle and land your dream job. There are certain things that you can follow are mentioned below.

The role of your resume

The first step to get a job is representing yourself. A resume is a thing that brings about you to the recruiter. It is the only thing that influences the recruiter to call you for an interview or not. So, a Perfect Resume is an essential thing before applying. If you have the required set of skills that the company is looking for, but you don’t present them chance decreases.

Researches show that the average recruiter will spend about 3.12 minutes reading your resume and make his/her mind about whether to hire you within the first of reading your resume. This means your resume is the only weapon that can make you ace your dream job. Spend more time on your resume. Here some tips that you can follow:

Avoid Spelling Mistakes: Interviewers reject applicants because of poor grammar and spelling mistakes – usually, this indicates the carelessness and lack of attention.

Keep it simple: Recruiters reject candidates because of overusing design elements, fancy fonts, clip art, images, and emoji. Just keep your resume simple and straight forward don’t use jargon that irritates and vague.

Keep Updating your resume: Every time before applying to companies, double-check your resume, update the latest reference check links (social media, projects, and GitHub), include and exclude things according to the company.

The power of Referral

Finding jobs on online job sites is easy. There are some websites like naukari.com and glassdoor.com. These can help to find a perfect job according to you. They notify you about new job vacancies and hiring team information to reach out. But Statistics show that more than 60% of jobs are grabbed through networking and Referral by the existing company employee. The Referral way of reaching out is the most successful way to get a job. Some admirable words for you through a referral can shortlist your name and put you a step forward. The referral way is all profitable for all three The Recruiter, Referrer, and you. Both Recruiter and Referrer get a commission for bringing a value providing employee to the company, and you get your job. There are facts that about 80% of jobs are

not posted online. So never wait for the job openings to be posted online. And hiring teams are heavily inclined towards the referred people of the hiring organization. If you are specific about your dream job and organization, then never wait for the job posting. Ask for a referral to any hiring member of the company.

Recruiters and hiring managers are on your side!

People usually get nervous while facing the interview. This way, they failed to answer with 100% potential that somehow impacts your overall performance and brings changes to disqualify. Recruiters and hiring teams are not devils they also want you to hire, but they check you different abilities and perspective to verify what you have written in your resume. The blunder candidate makes, they use incorrect references and sources in their resume.

The other way, You can take the help of hiring a person by reaching out to them through their LinkedIn or social media(where he/she stays active). You can drop a message to them, asking about the recruitment process. or by sending your resume and asking for a referral. This way, Either you get success or learn how about the process of that specific company. People who are most willing to respond to cold messages are those who say “we’re hiring!” in their LinkedIn job header. These people also keep on posting about the jobs and company be active there. The same kind of people will start engaging with you to get enough space to explore other recruiting processes. This way, Your network grows.

Consistent Networking

Always maintain a network even if you’re not searching for new opportunities. Around 77% of Recruiters are dependent on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is a job searching platform, It has pros and cons too. Reading articles related to your job type, interact with others, stay active, and share information that can help others, you optimize your profile and your online Presence. You never know which article or post influences the hiring team, and you got placed where you want.

There are ways to reach out to organization people through LinkedIn, asking for a referral or help to reach out to their HRs. They might not give a referral, but the information provided by them can help you while giving an interview.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, then for sure, You are missing a large number of opportunities that you might crack easily.

We willing to Dig Deep

Sometimes companies don’t advertise their roles on bigger platforms like GlassDoor or LinkedIn jobs. Often you will have to go to their website and apply directly or even find out through word of mouth. These jobs easy to crack because you see a reduced number of candidates since they are harder to come by.

LinkedIn Networking can help to know about such companies. Their process can be old ways to reach out through emails and visit the company branch in events.

Maintain your Portfolio

If your job application contains s portfolio items such as a GitHub account, LinkedIn profile, or personal website, be sure to maintain these. Portfolios are a great way to distinguish a candidate and show a genuine passion for work. Conversely, pointing hiring managers to outdated and broken projects linked could have the opposite effect.

Create a website about your abilities and qualities. This thing gives an extra edge to the hiring team. A website including all your projects and experience embedded shows how your dedication to your work.

Some Quick Tips

  • Sometimes your social media profile can affect the whole recruiting process. Don’t post on Political issues, Religion, and Debatable.
  • At last, if you get a chance to ask questions, Ask. Question create a difference, Hiring team may remember you by this gesture.


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