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The power of Reading Books.

Reading a book is like a journey that is directed by the author. In non-fiction books, we do sort of reading where we are reading things from inside another person’s head. Here we go outside our brain and explore different possibilities and perspectives that our mind failed to think or either we never tried that thing. Some figures show the vocabulary of the average person is limited to something around 20000 words. While on the other hand, books reader s or active listeners have more than 35000. So the reading increases vocabulary at certain levels and makes you calmer. The imagination we do while reading books bring us outside our head and tends to use parts of that brain that we usually don’t use. There are some scientific researches talks about the same.

What is the problem with reading?

The difference between speaking and reading because they are very different speaking is something that is in our genes. We already have those pathways for speaking. If we put a baby around people, who are talking, They’ll start to do it too because It’s natural, but reading is not. You could put a baby in a library surrounded by books from the day it’s born. It would never start spontaneously reading. He has to learn. This is the reason speech has been with us for at least 100,000 years, quite long time for natural selection to get it into our brains.

But reading probably only started about 5,000 years ago and until about a hundred years ago. Most people didn’t do it at all. So, rather than using those pre-wired intuitive if You like pathways. Every time a person who learns to read has to do it afresh. That means making new pathways, individual pathways the sort that individuals do make all through their life. Every time they have an experience, or they do memory or a new habit. They create individual pathways on top of the basic blueprint. And that’s what we have to do when we read quickly. when you look at a brain that’s speaking. It is straight forward information.

Our reading phase begins at school. There is a reward system for reading books either in the form of marks or appreciation from the teachers. This habit gets drilled, and every time mind requires some external reward to release enough dopamine. While comparing to other sources of being pleasure are pretty comfortable with visuals in them. Everyone prefers watching things instead of reading. Let’s say, there’s news about the Republic Day Celebration People watch it on TV or mobile than reading the Report of the Program. The video format of everything has changed the way of reading. Biographies, novels, and historical events get filmed, So most of the reading audience moves towards the visual part for living that story.

But research shows that the memory of any book stays more in the brain than a movie. Usually, movies are 2-2.5 hours long, while a book is 10-15 hours to read, and it does not take any extra effort to watch a movie. So, the brain always chooses the lazy part, we procrastinate, and this becomes a ritual.

How daily reading can impact your life

There is a famous quote by American Entrepreneur Jim Rohn that

You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.”

There is a lot of truth to this. Chances are the five people closest to you all like to go out partying. They do not take care of themselves. You probably don’t either. If they all enjoy playing video games all night and have terrible grades, your grades are probably not something you’re proud of too. But if your friends love hitting the gym daily. And they watch what they eat. There’s a high chance you’re healthier than the average.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
Thought by Helen Keller

There are exceptions, But the consensus is that there’s some truth to this idea. We as human beings learn from our surroundings. We are sophisticated animals that excel at copying each other. This is large, where things like culture, slang, accents, and even traditions come from people learn each other’s habits and adopt each other’s mindsets after spending large amounts of time with each other.

It can get better social life from being handicapped to someone who can understand the value of relationships and can go further in your imaginations to figure out things than an average person.

There is a perfect example by a deaf and blind author, Helen Keller. She faced a very big medical issue at the age of 19 months and, the hearing and listening doors get closed for her. Some of you have heard about the story of Helen Keller. A girl without the ability to listen and hearing change the world for her and give us an example that everything is possible until you are willing for it. In her initial days, she has learned to read from special schooling and degrees at Universities. With her Teacher Anne Sullivan she took lectures on many big platforms. She opens her imaginations with books and started understanding human behaviour without seeing and listening to them.

How book helps your physical health

There is a lot of truth about the mental health of reading books. Reading can not only affect mental health but physical too. It helps in getting a better night’s sleep. Doctors suggest reading for a better sleep routine. A physical book before bedtime can heal asleep trouble and can set a good morning mood.

Researches show that – people who read fiction stories explore the life of characters internally. Their ability to understand emotions and feelings is better than an average person. Psychologist call this skill the Theory of Mind  This enhances the social relationship and public representation. A single reading session can’t spark this feeling. It requires extended fiction reading to develop a theory of mind. Daily reading eventually reduces stress and depression. Readers choose books to get rid of current troubles in life and live fictional characters, while people choose alcohol to get free from the stress. This all combines to make you live longer and calmer.

How to make reading Habit?

How you can read 6720 pages per to get?

Initially, Reading a book can irritate, eventually left with 10-20 pages per week. So, How people complete books in one go or 2-3 books per week? Here, my suggestion to read at least one book a week. You can set a reminder to read five pages in the morning, five before lunch, five at evening snack, and five before bedtime. This sums up a total of 20 pages a day. And 140 pages per week.


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