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Top free Course to Learn React

What is React?

React is a javascript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. Over the past few years, React is getting more popular than any other Framework or Library. So, here is the journey of React from unknown to most popular.

Initially, React was introduced by Jordan Walke, a Software Engineer at Facebook. Later Facebook developed it further and deployed it on Facebook’s newsfeed and Instagram in 2011 and 2012, respectively. React was adopted because of most of the Developer Communities. Because of its reusable UI components, and it is ultra-fast at large web pages. ReactJS is an open-source library, and one of the trending libraries has more than 152,000 stars. You can visit the React repo to contribute anytime.

Main Feature of React.

  1. Reuseable Components –  React allows the reusing of components that saves time. Designers create Components like form, brand logo again and again. React deletes that repeating job completely. But it can be painful to bring change in a particular. But Updates can be the easiest part. You can update all the reused components at once without disturbing others.
  2. React Virtual DOMs –  A regular DOM(Data Object Model) tree gets updated every time there is a change in elements. A DOM tree has thousands of Elements in this era. The process of updating the DOM affects Web Application. But React manages a virtual DOM of itself that increases the updating process. It updates even minute changes by the user without affecting the other parts of the interface.
  3. Data Binding- React uses downward data binding that prevents changes in the parent element if the child element got changed. Because of this, the code becomes more stable. But on the other hand, the JS-representation view model has a disadvantage of changing the parent element if the child got changed.
  4. React Hooks-  React has two types of components that are: Functional and Class-Based. Only class components support local state or have to use state management frameworks like Redux for global state. In February 2019, React developers introduced a new feature called React Hooks.

List of Free Courses

Here is a list of courses to learn to React. All of these are free of cost but still have more value than many paid Courses. These courses not like 50-60 hrs courses with tons of projects in them. This list of courses is great to get an overview of React Environment. After going through a few of these courses, you will have enough knowledge to create your Projects in React.

Official Documentation

Learning Libraries or Frameworks from the documentation is the best way to understand the concepts from the developer side of the Library. React has a well maintain documentation about its terminology and working. It has a clear code editor sidewise to try out the concept. Whenever you are stuck on a big project must check out the documentation to render out the problem.

The Beginner’s Guide to React – Egghead.io

If you want to get an overview of React without touching the keyboard, then you should go through this course. This course will build a solid foundation of basic concepts in React. Each lesson in this 28-part course is a single index.html file. This thing keeps your focus on React instead of managing directories. You will also learn how to move into a more productive-ready development environment and deploying your app to Netlify.

Learn React for free – Scrimba.com

This course is the perfect starting point for any React beginner. The instructor, Bob Ziroll has covered key features of React in 58 lectures. This course has a different approach to practical implementation by editing the directory to the instructor’s code. You will learn JSX all the way up to React Hook that is a new concept in React. In the end, you come up with two simple but Amazing apps to React. Make sure to check this out.

React Crash Course – Programming with mosh

Youtube is the best way to learn without spending a penny. Programming with Mosh is a well-known instructor on the youtube Community. He has a 2hrs long crash course on React that covers the basics of React. It can be another video to learn about how React works in less amount of time. This course well explains the jaguars of React Environment. Check it out for understanding it.

React.js Tutorial – LearnCode.Academy

There is a React Rapid Course by LearnCode.Academy. A complete series of 23 videos explaining React, React Flux, Redux, and MobX. This series is a power back for those who want to deep dive to React in a little time. Make sure to check it out for building modern applications using React. The instructor also talked about how to avoid memory leaks and how to handle async requests.

Learn React & Redux With Cabin 

This course is a series of 7 tutorials covering a social network app using React and Redux. You come up with a nice functional social network app after going through this course. This course offers production-level features. It will cover integration with mgIX, Keen Analytics, Mapbox, Algolia Search, and how to host it on DigitalOcean. The last section of this course includes React and Redux best practices with common React/Redux pitfalls that no React Course offered at free.

Full React Couse 2020 – FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is one of the leading programming community that offers free courses and certification. FreeCodeCamp has 10 hours long course on ReactCourse hosted on Youtube. This course covers Setup, basics of React, react hooks, context API, React Router, and an App on Netlify. Must check out this course.

React Projects

If you know React.Js and want to do projects to sharpen your skills of building Interactive UI. Then must check out this list.

  1. Code 15 React Projects
  2. Build a Full-Stack Amazon Clone 
  3. Build a Spotify Clone with React
  4. eCommerce Web Shop 

You can learn to react from any of the above courses, But for Learning React integration with other technologies like MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js go through any one of these projects.


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