What is Concierge Services? Types and Business Model

What Is Concierge Service? Types & Business Models

Meaning of Concierge Services

The Word Concierge means a person who is employed in hotels, theaters, restaurants, etc. to assist or help the customers to get their work or services done. And the services provided by these kinds of employees are known as Concierge Services.

But nowadays concierge is performing almost every task for the people like top-level businessmen, VIP’s and celebrities from managing their bank accounts to planning their vacation trips.

How Concierge Business Model Works

Concierge services are a very recent addition to the service industry. All credits go to the innovation and advance in the business sectors and the busy schedules of working professionals. These limitations of times in people’s lives tend to the arrival of Concierge Services in the industry. Because these kinds of services help one to save their time for investing it in some constructive works. The concierge business model capitalizes on this kind of need.

The business models of different concierge service providers differ in the types of service provided and to whom it is provided. Some concierges help employers maintain good employer-employee relations, some deal in handling customer grievances, some concierges provide personal travel planning service, while some provide all these services by acting as a personal assistant or lifestyle managers.

Types of Concierge services

1.The Lifestyle Concierge

This Kind of Concierge services have the intention to provide customer the services related to their daily life like Event planning , Dinning etc. The Lifestyle concierge services are far different from hotel concierge services. These services are personalized to perform tasks in such way that one can spend more time in their important works and enjoy their life. The customer here outsources their personal chores to an agency, request for lifestyle manager and pay on a monthly basis

Task Of The Lifestyle Concierge

  • Personalize assistance
  • Errand-running
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Personalize shopping
  • Dining
  • Life administrator

2.The Medical Concierge

This service is personalized for senior citizens, Child care, and emergency cases or for accidentally injured people. This service is like lifestyle services because it also works to provide personalized enhanced care. This service is applicable for both Doctor and Patients – as a doctor needs to handle a huge number of patients and patients need routine care and treatments from a doctor.

This is one of the best winning business models because through this service, medical concierge get paid high from one thousand to ten thousand (in us dollars) depending on clients.

Task Of The Medical Concierge

  • Answer telephones
  • Add, delete and update patients records
  • Fill insurance form
  • Handle billing expense
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Keep inventory ready to supply

3. The Business Concierge

This is the Most expensive concierge services as compare to other concierge services. Because in this concierge needs have high-level corporate knowledge and business experience. Due to its higher demand, it becomes a successful business model in the category of concierge services. Normally this model is highly used by c-level executives, IT companies, bank managers, and other great professionals.

Tasks of The Business Concierge

  • Recruitment
  • Business transportation
  • Handle clients meeting
  • Track financial reports
  • Industry research
  • Billing and expense management
  • Arrange, schedule and reschedule meetings
  • Recommend new business ideas

4.The Hotel Concierge

In this service, The Customers get services like restaurant assist, guides, bookings, event plannings, and provide a solution to every problem that arises to the guest related to hotel services.

Tasks of The Hotel Concierge

  • Transportation arrangements
  • Recommend place to visit
  • Health and fitness care
  • Keep you safe
  • Help you enjoy
  • Fix sticky problems

5. The Wedding Concierge

You can relate to the wedding this kind of concierge services to wedding planners or caters etc. Because in this service client hires service providers for a very short time period and pays them a huge amount. In this employee should have enough experience to do pre-wedding plan and arrange all necessary needs before 8-10 hours so that the wedding event goes smooth.

Tasks of The Wedding Concierge

  • Pre-or-post wedding planner
  • Venue organizes with necessary themes and layout.
  • The solution to the guest problem
  • Food and beverages serve
  • Health and safety.
  • and other facilities like Transportation & Electricity etc.

6. The Travel Concierge

This Travel concierge service is constantly gaining popularity from travelers and business people. From this service, clients get an expert opinion and necessary information both online and offline for planning their travel plans. These services mostly used when people want to plan an abroad trip & looking for a local and experienced concierge. This service has agreements with local restaurants, transport providers, and famous places, to provide a timely, safe, and reasonable journey for tourists.

Tasks of The Travel Concierge

  • Local language guide
  • Restaurant & Hotel Bookings
  • Transport Facilities
  • Place a recommendation to explore
  • Planning a budget-friendly trip
  • Booking tickets etc.


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