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What is Cyber Security?

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Today we are going to discuss Cyber Security. Before getting to know about Cyber Security, Let’s explore the term security. Security means protection from potentially harmful sources. It also refers to ensuring complete possession of your resources, that nobody is interrupting you things that affect your statistics and livelihood. There are systems and companies whose purpose is to provide securities, for example, Security Forces, Security Gaurd, and CCTV Monitoring.

What is Cyber Security?

But Security is not limited to the physical It is virtual too. The internet is vast and growing every. It has an immense of information about anything you get answers to by searching related keywords or phrases. Even we are using AI as assistants. Unwanted people use this information to, disturb someone’s life, stole money, and much harmful cause to software or hardware.

Here is a story to give you a better understanding of Internet Security. There was a girl named Reyana, who use to do online shopping has accounts on many e-commerce websites that she uses to purchase different products. They have an email address, phone no, and credit cards detail of Reyana for faster and hassle-free purchases. All this information is on a server. She receives an email embedded with a coupon code she has won. To redeem the coupon, She needs to fill in her e-commerce account credentials.

This email didn’t appear fishy to her at the time, as she thought it was just an account verification step. Later, She realized the danger she would be facing. When she receives her monthly credit card bill with a large amount spent. Who spent? How do you think this happened. The email she received was fake and, the shopping cart calm account witnessed unauthorized access from a third party. This type of attack is known as a cyberattack and, The person who carries it out is called a Hacker. Reyana has prevented this attack with the help of cybersecurity.

Cyber Security involves techniques that help in securing¬†digital components, network data, and computer systems¬†from unauthorized digital access. There are multiple ways used to encounter cyberattacks based on the network and system you are using. So let’s talk about different types of cyberattacks.

Types of Cyber Attacks

1) Malware Attack

Malware is suspicious software that damages files and steals information. Malware is software, written and spread by hackers. Hackers use this data to misguide the community and disturb the peace. There are many different types of malware viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, and many more.

2) Phishing 

In this type of cyber attack, hackers send phishing links through social media, email, and SMS. These links are consist of the information about the original platform or services you daily use that appears genuine to you and willing to click the link. The goal is to get secret information like credit card details, login credentials.

3) SQL Injection

SQL stands for Structured Query Language that is a database language to fetch queries based on tables. When a cybercriminal tries to edit, delete, and update the information of an SQL database table.

4) Man-in-the-middle Attack

Man-in-the-middle attacks occur when A Hacker gains access to the information path between the user and the website server. The hacker takes over an IP Address of your computer and monitors the communication line between the user and the website. This attack commonly happens with unsecured WI-FI networks and also malware.

5) Password Hacking

Password Hacking is an easy way to accessing someone’s system by guessing the password. Cyber Criminal uses different hacking software to guess password based on public information It includes your name, address, Date of Birth and phrases you discuss daily. Hacker also retrieves the password through a cookie or by small password saving systems. 

How to be safe from these Cyber Attacks 

A cyber is not something that comes from outside the world. You got targeted because you fail to apply proper securities, Hackers knew that. There are few cybersecurity practices that you can implement to avoid a cyber attack. They are as follow:

  1. Installing firewall: A firewall, as the name suggests, It is a virtual wall between your computer and the internet. Firewalls filter the incoming and outgoing traffic from your device to safeguard your network, and they can either be software applications or hardware reinforcements.
  2. Implementing Honey Pots: Honey pots are just like how flowers attract bees. Honey pots are dummy Computers that attract attackers. These are systems built to look vulnerable to deceive attackers and safes real systems.
  3. Strong passwords:  Using the name, DOB, address, and any other personal information as a password is like offering hackers at dinner. Never use your details or easy vulnerable passwords. Always use complex passwords that must include alphabets, numeric digits, and special symbols.
  4. Install Antivirus Software:  Installing Antivirus software safeguards your system from suspicious files. There is a lot of paid and free antivirus software are available with different features you can install as per your need. Sometimes antivirus comes with services like Firewall, Password protector, and Transaction protection.
  5. Avoid insecure WiFi: Always avoid doing transactions, logins, or surfing sites on insecure WiFi networks. They can steal your information in the middle of you and the server.
  6. Avoid Doubtful emails: There are plenty of platforms that share your information with another website to improve promotional content. Hackers uses this information to send phishing emails or malware to collect credentials.

This step enhances your network, system and regular update of the operating system installs the latest security patch that works against the newest threads.

Cyber Security and Professionals

Attackers won’t harm only individuals also affects to public and private sectors too. Cyberattack on these sectors are more deadly, cause losses, and collapse the system. The motives of such attacks are many starting from tampering with crucial data to monetary gains.

Let’s have a look at a few of the cyber attacks that companies faces to various public sector organizations and large corporations face the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). In this form of attack, hackers gained access to networks for a prolonged period to continuously gain confidential information. Companies that work with website traffic are targeted by the Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, where networks are flooded with traffic that, in turn, leaves legitimate service requests. DDoS is used to block the complete server by using multiple Dos systems.

Simple Security system fails to satisfy the security levels of big sectors. Companies hire cybersecurity professionals to work on identifying cyber threats and securing a company’s network. There are multiple job roles in the field of cybersecurity. If hacking fascinates you, companies hire Ethical hackers to improve security. Such professionals try to expand network vulnerabilities just like how a hacker would do but only to identify those vulnerabilities and resolve them for protection against an actual cyber attack. But If you are looking to design robust security structures, then the role of a security architect is also hird by the companies. A chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an enterprise security expert who plays a crucial role in the overall safety of the information in an organization.


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