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What is Freelancing ? And How you Can be a Freelancer.

You would have heard from a lot of people answering when you ask them what they do that ‘I am freelancer‘. So in this article, we will be explaining to you all about freelancing and how you can also become a freelancer.
Freelancing is a very good way to make some income while in college or schools. Even a lot of professionals are leaving their 9-5 jobs and adopting freelancing as a full-time career.
The year 2020 is a good time to start your journey in freelancing because due to the pandemic a lot of companies want their work to be done online. And By freelancing you can sell any services in which you are well skilled.

But it also raises some questions in a beginner like

Can freelancers sustain for long without a job?

What exactly do these “freelancers” do?

So read the complete blog and you will get complete clarification about all your doubts.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a contract based profession where instead of permanently recruited in an organization or company the person is recruited for performing a particular task or provide services for a limited period of time.


Freelancing is when you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments without committing to a single employer. The number of assignments or tasks that you can take just boils down to your ability to deliver on them as asked from them.

Freelancing allows you to work-from-home or remotely. But it doesn’t make it as same as work from home. Because in a work-from-home job it involves a contract between you and an employer who gives you a salary. They can perform any job and can be delivered over the internet without their presence at the company or client’s place.

Meaning of ‘Freelancer’

A Freelancer is person who get paid by providing services to various clients. These services relate to the person’s skills and are not necessarily provided to just businesses but they can be provided to any individual.

Freelancers either use third party platforms like peopleperhour, fiverr etc or they use their networks oor social media to get more clients and provide services to them.

Do you think you can sustain a lavish life while freelancing? or Choose it as full time career?(Comment down Below)

Fact: Around 11% of the working adult population in the US is working primarily as full-time freelancers.

Freelancing as a Career

Choosing Freelancing as a career can be a good option because with the evolution of freelancing a new concept got introduced in the work environment which is known as The Gig Economy(Read more about Gig Economy). In the gig economy instead of sticking to a single job or company, a person can provide services to many clients on his own terms and get paid for it at his own prices from clients.

This sounds fascinating, but at the same time it comes up with so many responsibilities. For having successful in freelancing you should be self-disciplined, punctual, and sincere towards your work. You should also have skills like how to deal with clients, building portfolio and managing money. you should be confident about your work and charge your services according. Analyze the market, clients and then decide how much you are going to charge.

Pros and Cons Of Freelancing

If you are thinking to start your career in freelancing, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of freelance work. So, Some of the pros of freelancing are-

  • Flexible Work hours: You can choose your desirable time to work and can set your own schedule to fit around other activities.
  • Choice and Diversity: Being a freelancer, you can pick the projects of your own choice and are less confined to specific markets or sectors.
  • Authority: You can set your own goals and work on them.

And on the other hand the some of the cons of the freelancing are

  • Fewer benefits: When you work in a company they provide you offer, benefits for their employees, such as insurance or pension plans. And freelancers would be responsible for their own perks and benefits.
  • Low stability: Because Freelancing is depends upon getting enough clients ,Many freelancers have less financial stability and less guarantee of future work than employees.

How to be a Freelancer

The trend of freelancing is growing very rapidly and still if you haven’t started your journey in this so here we are with the six tips that will guide you to begin your journey in freelancing.

1.Choose a niche

The most initial step to getting into freelancing is choosing a niche and then specializing in that specific field. Because whenever someone searches for a freelancer they always want to hire a specialist in that field to fix their problems properly. And when it comes to my own experience, choosing to specialize as a MERN stack developer—as opposed to being a general web developer for hire—has been the single best decision I’ve made with my freelance business.

2.Level Up Your Skills

After choosing the right niche to work in the next is to do is getting well versed in the relative skills.
Like if you have chosen to work as Front end developer then you should have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and Frameworks like React, Angular, etc.

3.Build your portfolio

You don’t need to have a classical cv to land freelance work. As of now, every freelancing platform has its own pre-designed templates which you need to fill out with your information. But should not treat these profiles as a check box exercise. You should give time to make it the best and attract more customers.

4.Find a platform

So the next step is to find a platform to offer your services. Most of the freelancer use freelancing websites to find clients but you can also utilize your social media channels to get clients where using LinkedIn can be a great source of finding gigs. But if you directly want to reach out to the clients looking for services then you can check websites like Fiverr, Freelancer , Upwork, and PeoplePerHour, etc. But I personally suggest using Fiverr if you are starting out.

5.Determine your price

Before offering services you need to determine your prices because whenever a client search for a freelancer they always search for someone having experience or who has expertise in relevant required skills. So when you are choosing the price always put pricing according to the quality of service you can give to the client.

6.Focus on client relationships

It is the most important factor in Freelancing. You need to maintain a good relationship with your current clients because it will help you to get consistent works in the future.

Aman Malviyahttp://www.theinfogeeks.com
I am an Engineering student, Blogger, and Full-stack web developer.

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