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What is MERN Stack? Everything about MERN Stack.

When we develop an application it is always important for us to get good results, and we need to find the most optimal way to achieve the results. Because the efficiency of application depends upon many factors that’s why selecting a technology stack is the most important factor. So Before moving to know about ‘What is MERN Stack?’ let’s discuss in short what is a technology stack.

What is Technology Stack?

It is a set of frameworks and tools used to develop an application. This set of frameworks and tools are specifically chosen to work together in creating well-functioning software.

Here are some widely used web development technology stacks:

  • MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS)
  • MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS)
  • LAMP ( Apache, Linux, MySQL, PHP)

Lets discuss in brief about What is MERN Stack?

What is MERN Stack?

MERN stack is a set of web development frameworks. It consists of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS as its components. It supports MVC(Model View and Controller ) architecture for the smooth development process of any application. It allows developers to know only Javascript and JSON(Javascript Object Notation) for development. Has an extensive set of testing tools and broad open-source community support. Here are the introduction and working of what each of these components is used for in developing a web application when using the MERN stack.

As shown in the picture, the user firstly interacts with the ReactJS user interface components at the application front-end in the browser. This frontend is served by the application backend server through ExpressJS running on NodeJS. Any interaction or data change request is sent to the NodeJS based Express server, which gets data from the MongoDB database if required, and returns the data to the frontend of the application which is shown to the user. Let’s look in brief at these MERN Stack Components.

1.MongoDB :

MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database system. While other conventional relational databases have a typical schema design based upon columns and tables, But MongoDB is schema-less. In this MongoDB data is stored in flexible documents with a JSON based query language. The content, size, and number of fields in the documents can differ from one to another. This means that the data structure to be changed over time. MongoDB is known for its flexibility and easy to scale specialty. You can see multiple examples and real-time applications of this here.

2.ExpressJs :

It is a web application framework for NodeJs, It helps developers to simplify the task of writing server code instead of writing full server code by hand on NodeJS. In Express js you don’t need to repeat the same code again and again as would have with Node.js HTTP Module. It designed for building robust web applications and APIs. It’s known for its fast speed and minimalist structure, with many features available as plugins.

3.ReactJs :

ReactJs was developed by the Software engineer at Facebook but now it is open-sourced. But It is maintained by Facebook as well as Community of Development companies and various individual developers. It can be used for creating views rendered in HTML. React views are narrative. This means while working with React developers don’t need to worry about the managing effects of changes in data. Instead of using templates to automate the creation of repetitive HTML or DOM elements, It uses full flashed programming to construct repetitive DOM elements which is Javascript. The code written in React can run both the server and the browser. It is also a very fast and scalable framework.

React is the defining feature of the stack. It’s is that component of MERN Stack that differs it from MEAN Stack. The MEAN stack is another very popular technology stack that uses AngularJS(A front end web application framework) instead of ReactJs.

Want to know more about MEAN Stack (Click here <)

4. NodeJs :

NodeJs was developed for Google Chrome but later on, it was open-sourced by Google in the Year 2008. Its runtime built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient. You can build scalable network applications that can execute Javascript code outside of a browser. It works without an enclosing HTML page because it works on its own module system based CommonJS to put multiple javascript files together.

Benefits of working with MERN Stack :

The main Benefit for developers working with the MERN stack is that every line of code is written in JavaScript. Javascript used everywhere, both for client-side code and server-side code it. With one language across tiers, there’s no need for context switching. For a tech stack with multiple programming languages, While working we have to figure out how to interface them together. With the JavaScript stack, We only need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON. Overall, using the MERN stack enables us to build highly efficient and scalable web applications.

The MERN stack uses the famous React.js Framework for the Front end Development, which is fantastic for front end development. We can’t compare it but mention a few big names that uses React.js for its unrivaled performance: Facebook, Airbnb, Atlassian, Tesla, Dropbox, etc.

React.js is based on the single-page application (SPA) which involves having a web application accessed from a single web page. This avoids loading a new page with each action like Facebook and Instagram etc. and makes for a greatly streamlined user experience. Facebook uses a single page application, which can be clearly felt in the comfort and effortlessness in excessing it.

Prerequisite to learn MERN stack :

  • Should be Comfortable with JavaScript and JSON.
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML/CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of React & React hooks is recommended.
  • Basic knowledge of MongoDB, Express, and Nodejs is recommended.(You can prefer their Documentation to learn basic)

Where to Learn MERN Stack for Free :

There are various platforms where you can learn anything for free if you want to know more about them > Click here. Or If you want to learn through tutorials so you can check some of the Youtube channels like Freecodecamp.org, Clever Programmer, Programming with mosh, Telusko, etc.

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