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What is Web Designing and Development

What is Web Designing?

Web Designing is the process of creating the design of the overall website interface. How will it look, feel, alignment of text, images, components, and colors?

Web Designers works on all the creative part of the whole website. It is the composition of the different process which combines to build a fully functional website. It includes graphic design, user interface design, user experience design, SEO (search engine optimization), and content that tell the user about the website. The process starts with converting your ideas into visuals, i.e., called mockups. It describes the future look of the website. Then graphic designers choose colors, typography, and design vectors and images, according to the project.

Then the duty of web developer begins about that mentioned below. A user experience developer (UX developer) make the website user-friendly. A UX developer has both the designing and technical skills that provide the best user experience. It makes the website more attractive to get regular visits.

What is Web Development?  

Web Development is converting the mockup into a live website by using programming languages and software. A web developer decides the frameworks, databases, ports, functionality, and brings life to the static mockup. Web Development is divided into two sub-categories:

  1. Front-end Developer
  2. Back-end Developer

As the word ‘front’ describes, designing of front view or user interaction is the work of a front-end developer. He uses styling preprocessors, frameworks, libraries based on HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style sheets), and JS(Javascript) to provide a similar look as the mockup.

No front-end developer has a single skill. He/She works as a communicator for a web designer and back-end developer. The front-end developer also makes user-friendly layouts as the interaction between the Back-end of the website. Back-end developers are those who control the user data from any text field or button to the server.

Dynamic websites require Back-end services to store the data and for fetching the requested data by the user. For instant loading and form submission, server-side languages are used, such as PHP and Node.js, and for database queries, SQL(Structured Query Language) and MongoDB are used. 

Who is a full-stack developer

A full-stack developer handles both the jobs of web designer and developer. Full-stack developers have basic knowledge about every process mentioned above. 

A full-stack developer can make a website from scratch. It means designing the mockup, creating a color palette and vectors, setting up libraries and frameworks, and linking it with the back-end. He is not a master in any field but has enough knowledge to make a website. In this way, You can differentiate between a developer and a full-stack.

But Companies hire full-stack developers to fill-up both the places of web designer and developer.

Many companies have their web-stacks, which is a combination of different techniques such as MERN.

Which stands for MySQL, Express.Js, React, and Node.js.

Roadmap to the full-stack developer?

The web industry is evolving every second. Every day new frameworks and libraries are coming. So, The value of a specific skill is decreasing. To compete, Either you have to an expert in a particular skill or a full-stack developer. These are the reasons which increase to be a full-stack instead of a designer or developer. You can also start your journey with web designing or development. You have to understand the terminologies and building blocks of the website. Full-stack development requires all the front-end knowledge as well as back-end knowledge. Companies always look for more skills that can also help in other aspects.

This roadmap is also applicable for web designing and web development.

First Need to Learn web designing that includes

Web Designing

  1.  Fundamentals of Designing
  2. Adobe Xd or Figma
  3. Mockup Designing
  4. Typography and colors
  5. Alignment of components 

After getting hands-on with the structure of website designing, you should follow front-end development.

Front-end Development

  1. Internet (HTTS, Hosting, Domain, DNS)
  2. HTML, CSS and Javascript
  3. Package manager, Webpack, Babel
  4. Basics of Git 
  5. Framework or Library(React or Angular)
  6. CSS Frameworks(Tailwind CSS, Material UI)

It includes most of the scripting part and layouts that can function but can’t store or fetch data. To get server and database functionality, you have to master the back-end development.

Back-end Development

  1. Basics of Web Designing(HTML, CSS, and Javascript)
  2. OS and General knowledge of Memory
  3. Learn a Language(Python, Java, Ruby, c#)
  4. Relational Database Management System (MYSQL)
  5. NoSQL Database (MongoDB)
  6. APIs

All these take a long time to learn and a lot more money to but courses and support by the instructor to clear doubts. There are free sources also available to learn and free community to discuss and share projects.

Check it out for mindmap of frontend and backend developer

 Salary and Job Options of WebDesigner v/s WebDeveloper v/s a Full Stack Developer.

There is some factor which affects the salary of Web Engineers in India.

  • Experience – Experience is the most significant factor on which a web designer/developer depends. More experience improves, Your ability to solve problems and bugs. Companies pay more to an experienced developer than a fresher.
  • Company –   Your salary is dependent on the company in which you are working.
  • Skills –The companies offer more amount to the developers with other skills

Web Designing has no bright in terms of packages in India. The average salary of a web engineer varies from location to location. IT cities of India pay more to web designers as compare to other cities.

Here is a chart which shows the salary of web designer developer and full-stack developer.

The overall salary of a full stack developer is much higher than the other two. Because of different skills. If need, He can fulfill the job of web designer and developer. More skills increase the understanding between other developers to get the job done in a better way.

Scope in 2021

As the Video content increasing, the minimum attention time of the average person is decreasing.It might be a doubt in your head that” Is web development a promising career in 2021?”. Video content has killed written content. But still, businesses, banks, colleges, and others require a website for official work. Every day new trends come in graphic designing, UI Designing, and new layouts in web designing. It all affects the web designing process. These trends bring back to written content and engagement to the audience.

If you choose web development as a carrier, then be updated with the latest tech and trends; this brings more value to work and help you to get a better job option than old school developers.

Note: If you are confused with the coder editor and plugins, check it out and get all your doubts cleared.


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